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Thursday, December 01, 2005

Christmas spirit ...

I see these ornaments as lil' angels that bring in the season's spirit to our house. These days, I love sitting in the living room gazing at the tree. It just makes me feel good, and serene. Too bad I don't have a fire place, that would certainly kick up a notch.

We have these plaster craft houses on another corner of the living room.

May you enjoy the month of December. =)


Blogger Samm said...

if i ever have those plaster craft houses in my living room, gordon's gonna have a field day..... whoooppeeee

12:31 AM

Anonymous Mama BoK said...

You have to come decorate my store for me.. :)

4:44 AM

Anonymous maria aka twinsmom said...

Indeed Christmas mode everywhere, I have been watching Mickey Mouse's Two Upon Christmas for two week with the girls liao.

5:02 AM

Blogger fooDcrazEE said...

Xmas is a joyous festive. So leave ur baggage and enjoy life every1.

6:02 AM

Blogger Samm said...


11:35 PM

Blogger Zara's Mama said...

Oh my, those little houses are very lovely!

9:28 AM

Blogger Zara's Mama said...

Btw, I bet most of them are made in china.. :P

9:29 AM

Blogger day-dreamer said...

So cute! Love them!

1:09 AM

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