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Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Nyonya @ NYC.

There actually is a handful of Malaysian cuisine restaurants in Manhattan itself, or perhaps more than that, but I have never been to anywhere else except Nyonya. Nyonya is located in between the lil' Italy and Chinatown in New York City; so as far as location is concerned, I think that is a strategic one. Plus, I think this restaurant has an extensive menu. Don't believe me? Go see it yourself in a minute.

Nyonya Malaysian Cuisine, one of the most well-known Malaysian food restaurant in the Big Apple.

The first time I visited this restaurant was actually on 2002. Over the years, nothing much has changed. Why change when it is so good and homey to fellow Malaysians?

I wasn't sure whether could I take pictures of the interior design of the restaurant, so I quickly made a snap shot. This is a view at the rear of the restaurant, where you'll see a wall painting that is supposed to depict Penang Nyonya hawker flare during the old times.

So, what does this restaurant offer?

The cover of the menu.

"A taste above the rest."

Appetizers. Don't you notice achat, nyonya lobak, nyonya popiah, kerabu, etc etc etc. The most popular item on this page will be roti canai. From what I observed, almost every table will order such item.

Casserole (with clay pot), soups, rice dishes ...

Malaysian style hawker noodles? You name it, you get it. I can be there everyday just to try all these out ... Too bad, I don't live there. =`(

If you don't want noodles, you certainly can order these dishes and have rice instead. Very Malaysian 'dai chao' (大炒)style.

Check out the items, you'll be amazed ...

I can even get sizzling hot plates in this restaurant. That is such a rarity you know?

During this visit to NYC, we went to Nyonya twice. The first day, we had nasi lemak and curry mee with yong tau foo. The food was great, but no picture taken (too excited when the food was served, so totally forgot about my usual habit). The second time, we ordered two dishes instead to go with rice.

Malaysian style Belacan Kangkung! Ahhh, I miss this dish so much! To us, this is a well-done dish. Not too oily, not soggy, moderately spicy, very crunchy. Pieces of dried shrimps were evenly mixed with the vege throughout. The taste was great. My mum never masters this dish, so I never dare to try. I bet it takes great skill to master this dish.

Sizzling Nyonya Tofu. I was anticipating the hot and sizzling in action when this dish was served, but for some reasons (that I am still puzzling), it didn't turn out that way. The food was hot, but no more sizzling. Aiks. Oh well, doesn't really matter as long as the food taste great, right? Yeah, it was good. I could never have my tofu fried till golden brown like that. I always love beancurd this way, that they will be slight crunchy on the outside, and silken soft inside, cook with delicious gravy. So, any masters out there willing to share the trick with me? =)

The downside of 2-people dining is that you can't order more dishes. There are so many dishes that I wanna try, but we can only try 2 at a time. That's the reason why we never go to anywhere else except this restaurant, where great food surprises await.


Anonymous maria aka twinsmom said...

the fried kanggong look really nice.
but you didn't mention about the price in teh end leh? or I miss it?

to fry good kanggong, first have to cut the kanggong and soak it in the cold water for half an hour, let it absorb the water so it become more crisp. Then in high heat fry the garlic, dried shrimp, belacan, chilli, a little bit of sugar then throw in the kanggong stir fry with chopstick, yes chopstick to 挑 the kanggong, so the sauce easier to mix with the veggie, don't fry too long, one minute off the heat scoop it out....Yummy....

10:26 PM

Blogger shiaulin said...

yup the kangkung looks yummy!! i love belacan kangkung too. ok next trip back to malaysia i must buy a belacan and try this out (with maria's recipe)! hehe...

hey maria, u concern bout the price so much hor? :P

2:05 AM

Blogger Greenapple said...

hey maria, thanks for your recipe, i'll give it a try definitely. the price? they are in the pictures ... try to locate them .. ha!

shiaulin, yup, let's try the kangkong recipe ... and do not forget to blog about it should you try it next time, k?

12:16 AM

Anonymous Mama BoK said...

I drooling alot you know.. looking at the kangkong belachan..!
Aiyah.. you so lucky lah..!!

1:48 AM

Blogger shoppingmum said...

Can you really get kangkung in US? I mean if we'd like to cook. My friend who studied in US said it's quite impossible to get some of the veges we have here, or maybe it's easier to get in NY?
If you and your dear have good appetitte like hubby and me, then you can try more than 2 types loh. We normally order 3 or 4 dishes and stuff ourself like we've not eaten in days. Pai seh...

3:25 AM

Blogger shazalina said...

i'm a singaporean living in belgium. all these asian food blogs drive me crazy.
but i guess i'm lucky enough to be able to make my own kangkong belacan. i just blitz fresh chili, belacan, shallots and garlic. tumis in oil, switch off the hot plate and use the remaining heat to stir in the kangkong.
but the important bit is belacan. i brought my belacan all the way from melaka. the ones here are from indonesia, pre-grilled. they suck.
u can use the same recipe for aubergines, too!

4:26 AM

Blogger fooDcrazEE said...

lucky you again....dont have to miss so many delicious malaysian dishes..

6:21 AM

Blogger day-dreamer said...

Although I'm in Malaysia, I can't help salivating at the look of those pictures. Great shots, keep it up!

8:55 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

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6:21 AM


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