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Tuesday, August 23, 2005

My tiny lil' basil farm

With the tiny lil' land we have at the rear of the house, I figured I can make good use of it by planting something I like. Something I like? Basil it is! (Basil=九层塔)I feel extremely rewarding everytime when I look at them. They all grew from shoots where bigger leaves were plucked away by me, and they're now growing happily like a big family. Ahh, I'm so proud of them.

A 'bird-eye' view to all my basil plants.
My very pioneer plant.

This says my plants are definitely pesticide-free. ^_^

One of them is even flowering! How cool is that!


Anonymous Maria said...

Basil=九层塔 O_O oh...I see...have been wandering for so long, watch the Taiwan cooking programme always mention 九层塔, now baru I know. thanks.

3:31 AM

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