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Monday, May 22, 2006

I miss piano.

I miss piano.

Really, really miss it.

I am a lucky girl who was given the opportunity to learn piano ever since I was around 4yo. As you can probably tell, (and I believe this would apply to other young kids too) I was too young to apprehend the wonderful chance and be appreciative of what I was given. Consequently, I used to hate piano lessons so much. To sacrifice nap time for piano lessons? Not my ideal way to spend my time. Guess I would rather be a playful kid, ha! Moreover, spending time praticing piano wasn't a fun thing to do either as oppose to watching TV or lazing around. I think I wasn't a well-behaved kid back then when it came to piano times. I would throw temper tantrum, giving my mum some really hard times to mollify me.

But as I grew older, I believe my attitude improved (at least I hope so, =p). I enjoyed the classes more, and have always loved to see my fingers running on the keyboard gracefully. Of course, to get myself prepared for all the ABRSM exams wasn't quite a fun thing to do, but I survived all the way to grade 8. At the end of everything, I was reallly grateful for the opportunity given by my parents. I am sure my mum brought me to this learning journey because she wanted that for herself but she couldn't have it when she was a lil' girl, which is, I believe, a common sentiments.

I have a Yamaha upright piano at home. My dad bought that for me brand new when I was 12. Some might argue that the sound quality produces by Yamaha pianos aren't as good as other European pianos, I still love my Yamaha the most. As that piano, afterall, is a wonderful gift from my parents.

Now that I am away from home, and I can't afford one for myself as of yet, I don't get to play any. Guess I will have to wait huh ... to wait till I am home, or wait until I have the financial stability to afford one. Arrgh, I will work hard on the latter.

Speaking of buying a piano, I have always dreamed of owning a grand piano. Hey, nothing beats the wonderful sound from a grand piano, I bet you would agree with me. Perhaps that's not a realistic dream to fulfil, I will happily settle with a baby grand piano. =) Till then, wish me luck.

So, do you play piano?

Do you plan on exposing this wonderful instrument to your kids?

By all means, I encourage you to do so as there won't be any regrets! Personally, I really appreciate the opportunity given as honestly speaking, if all else fails, career wise, I can be a piano teacher.
Isn't that an awesome back-up?
I have always viewed this as another wonderful gift given by my parents.

To sum it all, I really, really miss piano.


Blogger Egghead said...

high five!
I am at Diploma level until I had to go for my tertiary studies ler... so give up liao! :(

nowadays... I just listen to classical music collections to help me into the mood :)

2:56 AM

Blogger Egghead said...

also... I am trying to save enough money to get a baby-grand... that is if there is enough room in my house to fit it... LOL!

2:57 AM

Blogger mom2ashley said...

i took up piano lesssons. i hated taking lessons. i preferred to learn it up on my own which I did:)

4:53 AM

Anonymous mama bok said...

I love.. i love playing the piano..! unfortunately.. we were too poor... when i was younger.. and when we could afford it.. my mom.. didn't think she should be investing on us "girls" .. hahah!! the concept and funny thinking of the older generation.
And yes.. if Chloe would want to learn this instrument.. or any.. i would let her.

6:44 AM

Anonymous maria @ twinsmom said...

emm... I learn till grade 3 and have to gave up, because that time my parents really too poor to get me a piano for practise. Now still wish to get one, not for my girls, but at least for myself :P.

9:31 AM

Blogger Zara's Mama said...

Hey, ship the one from home to yourself then..

I was given the opportunity to learn piano when I was 4.. but the teacher was so keen on me learning how to write those notes (tau-nga) that I just hate going for classes.. In the end kicked up such a big fuss, my parents decided to stop my lessons. *sigh*.

10:57 AM

Blogger Greenapple said...

FIVE! wah, even to ATCL/FTCL/LTCL level? I salute you! I thought of going further, but as I contemplated, I thought, if I am not going to make it as a career, no point ... so there, I placed a period on the journey.
baby-grand sure is a dream hoh ... i also need to have the money to buy a house that is big enough to fit one. =)

i am sure that wasn't an easy task, but you did it by yourself! great job!

somehow, i feel that parents have to take the initiative as kids won't like it at the very beginning, like myself. i am sure she'll be grateful for the opportunities Chloe is given.

that sure is a good idea. go get one, that will bring more fun to your family.

Zara's mum,
Hey, piano is darn heavy alright ... shipping? not so easy lah.
Might as well buying one, might be cheaper.
I sure feel that you teacher gave you a wrong approach. I didn't have to learn theory until I was around 6, I believe. That sure was a pain to learn how to draw the music signs at the age of 4.
GUess you can start everything again with Zara together, and your lil' baby as they all grow older.

9:06 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

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Blogger Blogie-Talkie said...

I don't know how to play any instrument, But I once ask my sister why she send her daughter to Piano lesson, I remember she told me: we listern to music just by hearing the nice melody but don't really know how to enjoy music, if being train in music, your enjoyment not just listern to the melody, the sentimental of music and can understand can feel the song deeply. Just like an artist painted an abstract draw8hg, if you are a artist and learn arts, you can understand by looking at the art piece even it's an abstract drawing.
You one lucky one,,

2:05 AM

Blogger Kampungkai said...

sounds so alike when i was young, felt so lazy to practice (not till the last 2 hours b4 class also wont touch). I was so scared of my piano teacher, she scolds me without miss in every class, are all piano teachers like that? and the next session jie jie would be looking at me, damn malu wey! :( I cuoldn't take the scoldings anymore and stopped playing after grade 3 sigh...

But after like 10 years of stop, i decided to learn to play pieces on my own. hehehhe well least now i can play a few pieces to kao lui hahaha! (beauty and the beast, somewhere out there, and a few more romantic ones)

PIANO ROCKS! high 5!

1:50 AM

Blogger domesticgoddess said...

heehee... i finally got myself a Yamaha last year... albeit a used one... i'm still happy as it's still in quite good condition. i used to dream about having a baby grand too... but i think i have to get a big ass house first :P ... actually having read some of the forums, it seemed high-end upright piano may sound better than baby grand; so baby grand worth it, 见仁见智啰...

2:18 AM

Blogger Vien said...

Isn't it funny when most of us hate practising the piano when we were younger? I feel you. I miss my piano too. The hubby wanted to get one for my b'day but I declined. Too much bills to pay..hehe.

7:25 PM

Blogger day-dreamer said...

I used to have piano lessons too, but I dropped it after failing my Grade 5 & Grade 6 practical exams.

I don't like to play the piano, but I love to listen to people play it.


6:37 AM

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Blogger anna-brooklynn-1351 said...

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5:46 PM

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