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Tuesday, May 16, 2006


Yes, I am tired. Might not be exhausted yet, but am definitely tired.

Being a night shift worker, life is not as easy. I thought I would have the ability to adapt well, but the reality tells me otherwise. On workdays it is not as tough. But when it comes to my off day, I would try to live the hours like everyone else, which is fine too. As I move back into the workdays cycle again, however, the first day is often a tiring day to go through due to all the adjustment again. Sigh.

We have nothing much to look forward in our current life doesn't help, either. After our vacation in San Francisco, we will not be having any until next March, when we will be heading back home to KL for a few weeks. From now till next year, there will only be this four word letter: W-O-R-K. Where is the fun? Hmmm, honestly, I don't know. Sigh.

The fact that I don't get to have normal weekend as off day these days suck too. See, I work in a hospital, a major hospital in Virginia and the hospital is opened 24 hours. As essential staff in a hospital, everyone will have to rotate for weekend shifts. I have to admit that to an extent, I believe we enjoy the responsibilities as that is one of the reason why people like me opt for a career like that, that you do play a role in someone else's life. Yet again, tiring, is what we have to say. The fact that I don't usually get to have the same off day with Tomato sucks too due to the similar situation. Sigh. In addition, I have to work on most of the major holidays ... Sigh. And the fact that US doesn't have as many public holidays as in Malaysia always makes me feel oh-so-jealous and lead me wonder why are there so many holidays in Malaysia ... (Malaysia has one of the most public holidays in the world!)

Consequently, e-mails have been piling up without my proper reply, which I hate to see; I have meant to write more blog entries but have been procrastinating (I must argue that I have legitimate reasons for that), let's not forget the kena-tagged entries I have been owing people.

I know what you have to say to me. Yes, I think I do. Don't believe? Try me.

You would say:

Welcome to adult's life.

I apologize for this whiny post. I tried not to, but ...
I bet you would understand. =)
May you have a good one.


Blogger Zara's Mama said...

Hey.. at least you can go for another holiday in March hor..

For me.. wonder when my next holiday be.. Aigh..

8:56 AM

Anonymous youlgo said...

night shift is annoying. i dunno when to eat, when to sleep. i worked 2 sets of night shift for the past 3 months and it totally upset my bio clock. i guess the only good thing is i can do something shopping and banking during daytime if i am awake

9:54 AM

Anonymous mama bok said...

Working night shift is so hard.. been there .. done that... :(
I hated it..! really no life..!
Donch you worry about not posting.. we'll understand.
And as for not being in malaysia..? prolly it is because of your partner eh..??

11:19 AM

Blogger Greenapple said...

Zara's mum, you just came back from Bali!!!!!!!!!!

Youlgo, try doing it for a long time ... the pain will be more intense.

Mamabok, well, I try really hard to have a life outside work. We shall see. As for not being in M'sia? Hmmm, oh well, guess I prefer staying put then asia countries ... I like chilly weather, and I love 4 seasons ... I will love to enjoy all these for now should I return to M'sia for good someday.

1:27 PM

Anonymous maria @ twinsmom said...

gosh... don't know what to say to comfort you for this, this is something really far from my world, all I can say is just try to take good care of yourself, drink more water and boil some soup to replenish yourself, Chinese old folks believe sleep late or walork at night will have 火气,喝多一点汤水“下火”(还是‘灭火’)LOL...

2:35 AM

Blogger Greenapple said...

Thanks, Maria, I will! =)

4:54 AM

Blogger at sea said...

Poor girl!
Take good care of yourself!
I miss you!

1:13 PM

Anonymous coolcat said...

Hang in there, Greenapple


12:38 PM

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