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Friday, June 02, 2006

My moments of pleasure.

Another round of tagging it seems. I know I have a bad record in submitting tags like this, so I better work on this as it seems to be rather easy. Much thanks to Mr.Egghead for this 'invitation'. =p

Name 10 of Life’s Simple Pleasures, and tag 10 other poor sods to recall theirs. The catch: Try to be original and not use things that others have already mentioned.

Oh wait, I have to be original ... ? Oh shoot, don't you know that I live a very mundane life. How would a mediocre like mine generate much originality? Aiks.

Oh well, let's see ...

Greenapple's life's simple pleasures:

1. Pay day. I am paid once a fortnight, so life is easier when it comes to maneuvering the fund for bills and etc. Every alternate Friday is the day I fondly anticipate.

2. Blog-hopping. I am not joking here. Some of my favs are Egghead, Twinsmom, Zara's mum, and MomofAshley's work. I love reading the dearly, and sometimes funny act of their lil' precious. Blogs like these always remind me of the ultimate simplest pleasure.

3. Call home and chit-chat with my mum. Have been doing this for years. I will normally do it once a week.

4. Have the time to cook and enjoy the food with Tomato. Tomato is my no.1 supporter as he would sapu everything I cook (except bitter-melon as he absolutely loathes this fresh produce!).

5. Have the time, and the money for movies with Tomato.

6. Have the time, and the energy to go study paktoh-logy with Tomato. Be forever grateful that I found my man at the age of 18, and our relationship remains to be strong-standing after 8 years of courtship.

7. To lie on the bed and be a couch potato as a way to relax.

8. Instruments at work work perfectly. No glitches. No major problems. Calibrations and QC works well. No gossips heard. No drama presented at work whatsoever ...

9. Losing weight ... (what an arduous effort)

The last but not the least:
10. A full and warm embrace by Tomato.

This is not as easy as I first thought. I am sure if I have child(ren) it will be easier to come out with a list like that as the list will probably be revolving around the lil' bundle of joy.

The blogs I read have pretty much been tagged by this assignment. Even if you haven't, I don't feel like dragging you in. Hey, I am nice, you know?

Alright, you are now free to be dismissed ... See you later! =)


Blogger Egghead said...

hehe... thanks for entertaining the tag :)
quickly get a baby!

1:24 AM

Blogger Zara's Mama said...

Aw... you are really really in love with Mr Tomato..

You 2 are so lucky to find each other.

3:09 AM

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1:02 PM

Blogger anna-brooklynn-1351 said...

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5:45 PM


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