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Monday, August 29, 2005


I was craving for pizza yesterday, but it was no where near a proper meal time. After some brainstorming, as well as digging out what I have on hand, I made this:
The ingredients I used were stale Italian bread, bottled pasta paste, top with my home-grown basil and some sliced mozzarella cheese. The method:

1) sliced the stale French bread to desired thickness;
2) on top of the bread, spread some pasta paste;
3) scatter the basil leaves on top of the pasta paste;
4) sprinkle the sliced mozzarella cheese;
5) To a pan, add in a few drops of olive oil (I didn't know why did I use olive oil over vege oil, but I figured that bread always go better with olive oil), and lightly heat up the pan;
6) lie the bread in your pan;
7) cover the pan with a lid ( I figured that this will produce a better temperature for the cheese to melt);
8) after a few minutes, the cheese will melt and the bottom side of the bread will turn slight crusty and golden brown colour. Ready to be eaten now.

The outcome? Delicious! I was so happy as I thought I'd invented a recipe for myself. A recipe to eat my fresh basil and stale bread ... only to realize that Italian had come up a recipe like this way before I did. Sigh. Italian call this food 'Bruschetta'. By definition, Bruschetta means ' an Italian appetizer of toasted bread slices rubbed with olive oil and garlic and topped with diced tomatoes, basil, salt, and pepper and served warm or with melted cheese on top'. When I discovered this, I was like, man, I thought it was MY idea! Haha. Out of the website I found about bruschetta, it seems like Italian will normally use fresh tomato over tomato paste. Oh well, at least they're still tomatoes.

Bruschetta anyone?


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