Life is a jigsaw puzzle. Every segment of the puzzle is formed by different elements of life. I cherish all my felicity elements, what about you?

Wednesday, September 07, 2005

It's all good.

I've recently written many e-mails to my close friends and families to inform everyone about this blog. I'm glad that everyone is showing great support to my work along with sincere concern about my health.

Well, it's all good. Really.

I'm loving my blog. It does not only provide me a way to share my stories with my family, I can use this space to keep in touch with many great friends of mine who are far far away. On top of this, I'm making new friends as I'm now part of the blogosphere.

Everyone, welcome to my lil' felicity corner.
To me, you all are my felicity elements that I cherish.
Without you, there won't be me, there won't be a happiness life with many felicity moments, there won't be wonderful colours on this long journey we all call life.

Having you all with me, I know I am well-blessed.
Having you all with me, please allow me to say:


Lots of love,


Anonymous Big BoK said...

I agree with you .. about the blog..! i do mine for my family and friends back home too. :)

12:30 AM


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