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Monday, September 05, 2005

A trip to TOYS 'R' US.

A few days ago, we passed by a Toys 'R' Us toys emporium when we were on our way to a shopping mall. Outside the store, there was a giant banner saying the store was having some great sale. Yes, you'd probably say I'm too old for Toys 'R' Us, but hey, there is still a small girl living in me. =p

Actually, the primary reason that prompted me to visit the store is to find out whether do they carry Good Luck Bear (of the CareBears series) in this particular store. I've always wanted a GL bear for myself. I have a 24" Wish Bear given by Tomato, and I'll like to pair my Wish Bear with another Good Luck Bear. But until now, I've never seen any. Better luck next time, hopefully.

Well, although I could not find what I want, I was having some fun strolling around and was amazed by all sorts of different toys invented nowadays.
When I saw this, I was feeling jealous to kids nowadays. You get to have a kitchenette of your very own! There's even a fridge! How cool is that.

But, when I saw this, I thought, gosh, this is even better! It seems like it comes with all the utensils and etc.
And when I saw this, I dropped my jaw and went speechless. This was the ultimate kitchen set for young girls! The entire set comprises a fridge, stoves, oven, microwave, basin, even a coffee maker! Oh my, can you imagine your daughter playing masak-masak with this ultimate toy kitchen?


Even better if couple with cool toys show below:
Pizza Hut and Subway. Eat fresh!
DQ ice-cream! Can you see the sundaes and banana splits? Oh man, they're so adorable!

Party time set!
A baking set for girls.

Next: not cooking-related toys.

Awwwgh, let's not forget these angel costumes ... I bet every young girls will look cute in these costumes.

The last but not the least, I give you:

Hello Kitty. Something still remain to be irresistable for girls.

Regardless of your real age, I dedicate this post to all the young girls out there , as long as there is a young soul that lives in you ...



Anonymous Maria said...

我和你说 -- 下一次回耒KL千万不要撞Toy 'r' Us 里的玩具 -- 都沾满我的口水...哈哈哈...

4:12 AM

Blogger Greenapple said...


9:39 AM

Anonymous Maria said...

pine cone! hahaha...

1:55 PM

Anonymous Big BoK said...

Toys are so ex these days..!! But yes. i love hello kitties..!

12:32 AM


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