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Monday, October 10, 2005

A Blast.

I had a blast tonight.

Last night, in the middle of nothing, my housemate and I decided to throw our close friends a food party. It was a rather spontaneous decision, but we had no regret.

We immediately set the theme as a M'sia-Thai food nite. Without much hoo-ha, we came out with the below menu:


Hot Tom Yum Gong

Chilled Green Curry Tuna Sandwich

Shredded Papaya Salad with Tomatoes, Cucumbers and grounded peanuts.
(something like kerabu mango salad)

Main Entrees

Aromatic Saffron Rice
(forgot to take picture, darn!)

Thai Vegetable Panang Curry
(with cauliflower, broccoli, onions, and eggplant)
(also no picture, sigh)

Chicken Satay with special home-made peanut satay gravy.

Gourmet CharSiew pork.

Chinese Guylan with garlic and oyster sauce.


Lemon Chess Pie
(bought from grocery store)

Sweet Dessert: Pearl Barley with egg and beancurd skin

I'll let the food do the talking in this post.

We two girls (me and my housemate) spent the entire day working on these dishes. Wow, so tired now! But we are glad that all eight guests left our place with great smile and happy stomachs. It was well worth the effort.

We even make bento (Japanese, meaning lunchbox) for them to take home. Heh. Aren't we sweet?

I think I will refrain myself from the kitchen during the next few days. Phew.


Blogger boo_licious said...

WOWeeeeeee! That is such a feast you two made. Good on you two as it looks fantastic.

6:29 AM

Blogger vagus said...

wow. the satay looks great.

7:39 AM

Anonymous maria said...

wha, wha, wha, wha...什么意思呢?有得看没得吃 :(.

1:28 PM

Anonymous Big BoK said...

Satay looked gorgeous..! i thought you were home.. hahhaha!!

4:02 PM

Anonymous Coolcat said...

Yum Yum... you gals certainly outdid yourselves.

9:24 PM

Blogger babe_kl said...

whoa amazing!!! next time pls throw in your invite kekekeke *salute*

4:27 AM

Blogger domesticgoddess said...

*salute* two of you can really whip up a storm!

1:39 AM

Blogger Gina said...

fulamak!! that is a good idea for my coming party end of this month!

10:42 AM

Blogger Greenapple said...

dear all,

Thank you so much for your wonderful comments. I am delighted that you all are tempted by our work, even only through pictures. Pictures do say thousand words, huh?

Boo, thanks for your compliment. Anyhow, they just don't look as good as those food you found in Ramadan Bazaar. Oh, I love love love all your Ramadan Bazaar posts. Keep them coming, I urge you!

Vagus, actually, the charsiew tasted even better. That's why I called it 'gourmet charsiew', but I didn't address the satay that way ...

Maria, for you, great food is a drive rightaway. Ask your hubby to drive you around especially during the evening hours for Ramadan Bazaar. Those mouth-watering dishes are so yummy!

Coolcat, you really think so? Hmm, thanks. It's always good to have some challenging work from time to time.

Babe_KL, if I'm in KL, I probably won't be doing such thing, haha. You know, you can easily buy those food from the hawker stalls, so easy. We took an entire day just to work on the dishes ... physically can be pretty demanding.

domesticgoddess, if there is a will, there is a way. This is just the best way to cure our homesickness.;)

Gina, yeah, you go gal! Do make it and share with us the outcome! I look forward to hearing more about your party in your blog!

7:18 PM

Blogger glutton rabbit said...

Greenapple!! Uwaa... you're amazing. I love the bentou idea! It is such a cute idea! Really great!

8:53 AM

Blogger Chen said...

wah wah...
Looks so yummy.....
Your bento looks very nice ;) Can I have some as well? :P

6:12 AM


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