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Thursday, October 06, 2005


This post is specially dedicated to my lil' brother, whose birthday falls on Halloween day. He is always eager to find out how does the Western people celebrate this day.

Coming from an Asia country, I did not know much about Halloween before I went to Canada as we do not have such 'celebration' in Malaysia. If I am not wrong, most of the Asia countries don't celebrate this day too.

If you are curious to find out more about Halloween, like how did Halloween come about, or the place of origin of such event, or even why is pumpkin-carving a common thing to do for Halloween, you can easily find out these information from the internet. Due to the fact that I am not entirely familiar with the background of such day, I better not blog about it.

What I can share with you, however, is the way they do it nowadays. Halloween-related products have been everywhere these two months. From Wal-mart to departmental stores, grocery stores, even pharmacies are selling tons and tons of Halloween stuffs. Be it the candies, the costumes, or the decor items, it's literally everywhere!

I have been taking some pictures whenever I bump into these Halloween stuffs. I shall share more with you if there is more.

Fall flowers, pumpkins, scarecrows ... Often, you can see the stores displaying many items outside the stores. No, there isn't anyone who is keeping an eye on these merchandise. Surprisingly, the stores aren't afraid of looting. I guess to an extent, people in North America do have a better conscience. It seems to us that people here are more trustworthy. At least, you don't get to see scenes like this in Asian countries.

Dried corn, lots of pumpkin.

The Decor Items

If you're lazy to carve a pumpkin yourself, no fear, you can always get one of these.

Not-so-scarry decor items.

Something cute, something classic, something scary.

I am omitting many scary items. Can you imagine you can also buy tombstones, even talking skulls, or wicked singing skulls. Freaky!

Normally, many households will decorate the front yard will many Halloween decorative items. On Halloween that day itself, children will get dressed-up into different costumes and will hop from one house to another, asking for 'Trick or Treat'. I understand that people don't usually trick the kids nowadays, only giving them candies. Lots of candies, indeed. Normally, each kid will get a handful of different types of candies from one household. So, at the end of the night, if the kids are determined to knock on as many doors as they can, I believe they can get candy supplies that suffice for entire year.

The Outfit/Costume

Snow princess.

These will look so cute on toddlers.

For the little girls ...
You can be angels, Cinderellas, even Snow Whites ...

You can be one of the CareBear yourself! Or dress-up as a cheerleader, or firefighter, or policeman, or even a car-racer.

More selections for the girls.

The boys? Fuoh. Superman, Batman, all sorts of power rangers, Mr.Incredible, Darth Vader, etc. You name it, you get it.

Or even samurai, or hobbit, or soldiers ...

Spears and shields as accessories.

Get fully-armoured with these ...

I suspect there will be a lot of Sith walking around during this coming Halloween.

The kids will carry buckets like these while hopping around ...

Or these ... (yes, they're buckets ... cute right? Batman's face as a bucket design, or spiderman ...)

The Candies

Candies are everywhere now. All the households will try to stock up as much candies as they can in order to have sufficient supply for the kids. You can get many aisles in stores devoting to candies. All kinds of candies.

Many of the leading brands would offer special package for Halloween. You can even get them glow in the dark! How cool is that!

I am hoping to take pictures on kids who dress-up on Halloween night ... So, if you're curious to see how the kids will look like, stay tuned!


Blogger vagus said...

Yea, looking forward to it too. We're gonna have a Malaysian/Singaporean halloween pumpkin carving nite at my place. Annual tradition.

7:14 PM

Anonymous maria said...

Hah! in KL I saw a lot expats celebrate Halloween, becasue the climax are different, poor kids all in the costume and sweating all over.
But they are so cute....

1:35 AM

Anonymous Big BoK said...

I donch think i will be dressing up my brat this year.. maybe next year.. when she can understand it better.. and say .. trick or treat...heheh!!

1:39 AM

Blogger boo_licious said...

greenapple, thanks for reminding me. I must go buy a big bag of sweets for the kids in my place. Every year they go around to ask for sweets also esp the naughty boys.

6:09 AM

Blogger Greenapple said...

Boo + Maria, hah, since when Malaysians are celebrating Halloween? Oh shoot! It seems like my info is obsolete!

Big Bok, but it will be so cute to dress Chloe up, don't you think so?

Vagus, ah, how good will it be if I can be there to participate! It must be real fun. Do share, if feasible.

7:51 AM

Blogger babe_kl said...

gosh the costumes are so nice. wished i could get one for my boiboi well for the sake of having some fun hehehe

boo, can i bring my notti boi for trick or treat? heh :p

11:41 PM

Blogger Sue said...

Awesome costumes! I think Maria's right...the Halloween tradition seems to be catching on here. I was in Hong Kong during Halloween two years ago and saw kids there all dressed up too!

Babe - I think you'll be able to find some nice costumes for your boiboi in Toys R' Us!

2:16 AM

Blogger glutton rabbit said...

Greenapple, this is so interesting... lucky you din put up the scary stuffs or I'll freak out...hehe. I sure do look forward to your next halloween post!

8:57 AM

Anonymous Lifan said...

你的這些Halloween相片讓我開始懷念起在美國過的幾次Halloween,校園中的鬼屋,NewYorkCity的Halloween parade,

12:21 PM

Blogger Chen said...

Nice pict :)
I like those little carved pumpkins in the last picture which comes in different colours :) Those are cute...

6:42 AM

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