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Friday, October 14, 2005


In North America, people usually refers the season 'autumn' as fall. Just a different slang they opted.
(Please click on the picture for a larger view.)

It's the season of Fall again. Gloomy, rainy, breezy, misty ... To be honest with you, I love fall. I love to see the colour changes in maple trees, the fall foliage, the breeziness ...

With this very reason, I am not readied to return to the forever-summer home country yet.


Anonymous Mama BoK said...

I love the fall too..GA, but i am ever-ready to go home.. ;)

5:39 AM

Blogger Chen said...

What a beautiful scene :)

6:14 AM

Blogger boo_licious said...

Yes, autumn is also my fav time too with the leaves turning reddish brown. But I think I will miss home too much if I live overseas.

9:35 PM

Anonymous coolcat said...

I love the colors of the fall! It's green the whole year round in Msia. Boring! :P

But can walk around in shorts and slippers any time of the year lor.

2:57 AM

Anonymous maria said...

don't you think people getting more moody when the fall come?

9:52 AM

Blogger Greenapple said...

mamabok, hmmm, yeah, i guess you've left home long enough by now ... will you be bringing Chloe to S'pore to have a trip in the near future? Somehow, I think you shall do that. Somehow, the home afar is only ideal in your heart. But when you get to visit it, I'm sure you will realize that reality doesn't coincide with your nostalgia.

chen, thanks. glad that you like it.

boo, yeah, i have to agree with you.

coolcat, different place have different things to offer. =)

maria, you're right. actually, the commence of fall indicates the commence of depression to some people. Fall isn't really that bad, but it's definitely gonna get worse during the winter time.

12:19 PM


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