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Sunday, December 04, 2005

Lazing around ...

It feels so good to laze around. Arrgh! Because I have just started working night shift lately, I had some hard time trying to get adjusted to a new lifestyle. I am alright now, getting better to a new schedule, but during the weekdays I was all burned-out. I am so in love with weekend from this day onwards.

It has been a productive morning. Since I woke up, I managed to do some blog-hopping. I finally get to catch up with my favourite bloggers' updates. I read news. I replied mails. I even had online conversations with a few ppl. My brother shared those great family stories with me; I contacted an old high-school mate of mine, it felt so good to have a rekindled friendship; I even tried to match-make two bloggers (yeah, please pardon my KPCness). I wrote 3 posts in a row, in ONE morning. Haha. I surfed my friend's FRIENDSTER site, only to find out how much I miss many of my high school mates! Wow, I shall spend some time to contact them back one by one.

Orion, if you're reading this, welcome to my felicity corner. I have not seen you after high school. You surely are one of the dear friend I miss the most. I apologise for not contacting you for so long. I am so happy that I have you back once again. Let's keep in touch much more often.

To the bloggers I am trying to match-make, well, you know who you are. I hope that I didn't create a mess, and that there will be a fruitful outcome, instead of a 'tormented aftermath'. (Argh, please don't kill me for my KPCness. I just can't stand to see people who are meant to be together, aren't together ... ) My best wishes go to you...

Oh well, lazy time will soon be over. Now, let me get back to my house chores. Let me see, what do I have on the list: laundry, sweep & mop the floor, clean the bath tub and the toilet, make sausage bun for next week's breakfast ...

I sure will have a great weekend. May yours be awesome too!


Anonymous maria aka twinsmom said...

hi Lazi bug gone?
my lazy bug just attack, no lar actually virus, so 打蛇随棍上,顺便懒惰...will get better soon.

10:39 PM

Blogger vagus said...

wah. i wonder which two bloggers you were trying to set up.
you'd prolly put that sweet girl through misery lar. i hear that guy's a real slob.
heh heh.
well. come what may. cest la vie.

11:21 PM

Anonymous the matchmakee said...

Thanks for your good intentions, greenapple. Some things are just not meant to be lar ;)

1:05 AM

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9:02 PM

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