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Sunday, February 19, 2006

Cartoons during my era - Part I

I was eager to blog about this topic, but I kept on forgetting it. Recently I had a tete-a-tete talk with my peer colleague, and we chatted about this. It was fun to have someone who shares very similar childhood interest/memories.

More 'boyish' cartoons:

He-Man and She-Ra.
I have always regarded this cartoon as the very first cartoon that I ever got to know since the age of five. I don't think I liked the cartoon as much as it really was't my type, but I was fascinated by the name of the cartoon itself. I remember vividly that whenever my mum urged me for a task by saying '去啦,去啦!' (Chinese, meaning 'Go, go!'), I would imitate her command in a mischievous way saying 'She-ra, She-ra!' as they rhymed.

This cartoon pretty much went into extinct mode now if I am not wrong.

The Ultraman
The Ultraman (translated in Malay version) was a common show I remembered when I was Standard 1-2. My one-year-older-than-me guy cousin and my brother loved it. But you know what, I used to dread this show so much that I would hide myself when they watched this. I found the monsters creepy, and the oh-so-powerful Mr.Ultraman would not help me to conquer the fear.
No, I never find the 咸旦超人character to be adorable.

The Thundercats
Tigra, Cheetah-rah, Lionel ... others? I can't recall their name anymore, but I used to like this cartoon when I was young, probably during junior primary school years. Each character was unique and possessed special name and power that personified a powerful animal. Together they co-operated to go against the eerie mummy.
Like Lionel always intonated ' Thunder ... Thunder ... Thundercats .... HOH!!!!!!'
Very amusing indeed.
Such a classic during my era.

The Voltrons
I generally have a more 'girly' predilection when it comes to cartoon, but somehow I think I had watched a significant amount of this cartoon. Must be my younger brothers, I presume as we only had one TV in my household when we were young.

What's so great about the Voltrons? The ever-changing robot who could change shape to accommodate the challenges. Quite captivating.

Now, the more 'girlish' cartoons ...

The Care Bears
I LOVE LOVE LOVE this cartoon, but I never got to see this cartoon again after senior primary school years. I am so glad to be in North America now as Care Bears-related merchandize are easily available. This cartoon is very adorable not only because they are bears (remember teddy bears? Pooh bear?), but their constant efforts in promoting world's peace and harmony. Guys might not buy this kind of plot, but it's a killer for the girls. On top of everything, they live in the clouds, and rainbow are actually bridges connecting the neighbourhood. Sound so heavenly, isn't it?

The Little Pony
I didn't watch too many of this cartoon, but at least I could remember its existence. I think they were too wordy for my liking, especially when I was young.

The smurfy chant 'La la la la la la, la la la la la ...' is still as lively as it can be in my mind. In addition, I always use the name 'Gargamel' (the bad character in the cartoon) as a metaphor to monsters/bad characters in movie or sometimes real life. Ha! Smurf is another love of my life when it comes to cartoons ... I am so surprised that this cartoon has vanished now, even in North America, as contrast to Care Bears, or even My little Pony which came up during the same time frame. Nonetheless, I heard that they're making a SMURF movie now. I so anticipate the smurfy come-back ... Let us fall in love with this classic once again.

Part II will be up pretty soon. Stay tuned!


Anonymous youlgo said...

can't remember the pony cartoon at all. u still can find thundercat cartoon on the internet. i do remember this cartoon called spiderwoman or something like that, which no one seems to remember it

2:03 AM

Blogger Zara's Mama said...

The Smurf is my era too.. but the rest.. I thought they only had them very much later, except for Ultra man. It has been around for such a long time!

5:52 AM

Anonymous maria @ twinsmom said...

oh... I remember The Smurf... , when I worked in my dad's bakery, I made so many birthday cake for children with smurf on it, so familiar until I can free hand draw it out on the cake.
honestly, I got a bit sick of it during that time. But now after so many years, I am that I managed to made so many The Smurf cake, not only bring joy to kids, but also help to increase my dad's business.

11:19 AM

Blogger wHOisBaBy said...

Oh, yea ... all those cartoons back then. Brings back old memory of myself being a youngster. Gosh, it has been so so long when I think about it.

1:20 PM

Blogger Chiwi said...

Sigh.. the good old days huh ?? I think I saw CareBears, ThunderCats and Transformer, the old version.
"By the Power of GraceCoal" or something like that
"I'll form the body" "I'll form the legs" "I'll form the arms" "And I'll form the HEAD"
O My.. I still remember them after all these years?!??!?!

By the Way... I've been missing those Korean Noodles for soooo long... Thanks for the receipe!! Too bad can't find the noodles here, got to get someone to bring them back from NZ next time they come back!! YUM!!!

8:32 PM

Blogger yuin said...

haha..nice one.
I used to be able to remember all the names of the ultramans.

4:48 AM

Blogger fooDcrazEE said...

ouch ! now u made me felt old...

2:09 AM

Blogger Chen said...

Nice :)
I enjoy watching ghost buster cartoon too :D
especially Slimer, the green coloured slimery ghost :D

3:00 AM

Blogger Dragon City said...

cool...u bring me back to age 10.. ^_^ .. really nice entry la..

3:38 AM

Blogger 1+2mom said...

Wow nice!! I think we about the same age :) Wah you still can find those cartoon, remember when i was young everyday when the time is come will automatic sit there wait the cartoon showtime.

11:45 AM

Anonymous sheehow said...

Damn man, seems like we are in the same century.

I love "voltron" and "Thundercat" too! ^_^

4:44 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

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8:46 PM


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