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Sunday, June 11, 2006

Chee Cheong Fun !!

Chee Cheong Fun is THE food that I miss the most when I am away from home. I miss it fondly mostly because previously I don't get to sample this food almost at all here in North America. Sure I can get those Hong Kong style Cheong Fun from dimsum restaurant, but that won't satisfy my palate as the type of Chee Cheong Fun that captures my heart remains to be those that are sold in morning market or hawker stall in Malaysia, where you can get multiple types of different pieces like fish cakes, fish balls, yong tau foo and etc to go with the Fun (special noodles). And once you're done selecting what you want, the vendor will slice the pieces for you, and have your meal served either with special sweet sauce with chilli sauce, or curry broth. Oh, how I miss that.

In these days, however, things have changed slightly in my life. Guess what, the asian grocery store that I often visit is selling pre-made chee cheong fun! All I have to do is to steam them! What's more, I can get the flatten-fish-cake (or more commonly known as 'foo-pei' in KL, Malaysia) in the Korean grocery store in DC Washington! Yes, the special sweet sauce is no where to be found and I don't get that recipe from at all, but guess what, Hoisin Sauce is a good substitute! I liquify the sauce slightly, and voila, I have almost all my ingredients!

See the 'fun'? Oh I am so happy! ^_^

The 'foo-pei', top with crisp fried shallots. Oh, delicious!

They do look like the real deal, don't they?

Honestly, I don't miss home so much anymore ...

This lil' food cures my homesickness. Well, just a tiny bit, but it definitely works.
YummO! =)

p/s: now I wish I have the recipe for the curry broth. Can anyone help me? Please share, ya? Thanks.


Blogger Egghead said...

man! now I have to look for a chee-cheong-fun stall come lunch time :P

I think the gravy is the essense of the dish :)

12:18 AM

Blogger Zara's Mama said...

Curry broth? Dilute curry chicken or vege curry loh. (I'm just guessing).

You know, I used to live in a Chinese area, and then I moved to Shah Alam area which is mainly occupied by Malays. ChuCheongFun is also something that I miss a lot after I'd moved to Shah Alam. No way I can get that for breakfast if I don't drive more than 15Km..


I like mine with soya sauce.. ooooo.. now you make me crave for some..

3:44 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Which Asian store did you go to?
Is that Tan-A? I was craving for CCF too... Those you got looks delicious... Are they in the freezer section or just in right on the fresh food section in front of the check-out?

8:08 PM

Blogger leecs said...

aiyoh....looks yummy leh...

hmmmmm tomorrow morning my breakfast liao then...KEKEKEK

4:10 AM

Blogger day-dreamer said...

Hmm... looks nice. But I am not that tempted because I still have access to the Chee Cheong Fun you missed so dearly back in Malaysia. :P

Have a nice day!

8:39 AM

Anonymous spots said...

hi i jus found ur blog while surfing - thanks for posting pics abt san francisco - i'm headed up there soon and it's really good to see there's so much to do there! keep it up ya?

hey, y not post more abt singapore/malaysian food restaurants in SF area? then i can go and visit them too!! :)

10:35 PM

Blogger Tummythoz said...

Looks authentic! Good job!

2:03 AM

Anonymous maria @ twinsmom said...

you sure change my view on a simple plate of chee-cheong-fun.

一些在我们眼中已成了很普遍的东西,忽然间在你的字里行间变得特别起来 :).

3:12 AM

Blogger domesticgoddess said...

haha I have yet to try the KL-style CCF! But am quite contented with Penang CCF though... heehee!

7:38 PM

Blogger 1+2mom said...

I also like the type CCF you mention. Not so like the hong kong style. I always call 1+2dad bring me go mamak stall for the delicious CCF. I like to eat mix source with curry..mmmmmmmmm..yummy.
Glad you can get Malaysia type CCF at there :)

1:02 PM

Blogger Princess Yoyo & family said...

Hi,Greenapple, i am not a chee cheong fun lover, but i love reading your blog anyway, so i enjoy reading this chee cheong fun entry too ^^

8:06 PM

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