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Monday, July 10, 2006

A medley post.


Was really upset by France's lost. I thought France performance was really well OVERALL, and this was the team who sent Brazil home, so they should be good! Was even more upset to see what happened to Zidane. I am sure regrets is all over him, and that he is ashamed too by his own action... All that I blamed the evil Meterazzi. Alright these are my thoughts. Not to offend any Italian fans.

It saddened me more when Zidane didn't show up for the medal and closing ceremony. Heard that he was the captain, wasn't he? I thought he should at least embrace fully whatever was left as the match remarked a closing chapter of his widely-extolled career. Arrggghhh.

Tears was in my eyes when the game end. Yes I was that upset. Am not a big soccer fan in general as I would be distracted easily by some other chores while watching the games. But the way this sport event ended really got me, and that eventually I am diagnosed with 'World cup fever' by Tomato ... Ha! Tomato is a huge world cup fan, more so than Manchester United in the English Premier League. He felt happy to see me overwhelmed by the game, bleh.

Alright, no more world cup for a while. At least not in this 4 years. World cup, see ya again in 2010, South Africa.

New Apartment

These few weeks I spend a lot of time arranging, decorating, and shopping for our new apartment. I consider this 900 square feet apartment huge for just both of us, and that does imply more house-cleaning for me during the weekends, ha. But I really like the floorplan as I enjoy having an open kitchen. What I don't like, though, is that we have 2 bathrooms in this 2 bedrooms apartment. The 'extra' bathroom will be left unattended for a while, heh.

We are all Ikea (in US they pronounce Ikea as in 'EYE'-kea, not 'IK-kea' like in Malaysia) when it comes to getting new furnitures, even if Ikea is an hour drive away. My little Hyundai Accent has been a great helper in transporting the furnitures. Hey we were able to stuff a loveseat and a bed frame and misc. stuffs using this car all in ONE trip. My Accent definitely is my best 'investment' so far as it saved me from paying the shipping, or truck rental.


It is awfully warm down here in Richmond, VA. I am not a fan of summer at all. Hopefully the heat will dissipate soon, but I know this is a big wishful thinking as the heat will persist for at least 3 months. Arrrgghhh! Air-conditioner is a necessity here, but we try not to rely on A/C too much as energy comes in a bill.

For everyone else who enjoys summer, I hope you have fun. =)


Blogger at sea said...

I can imagine how beautiful your apartment would be. Congratulations! You now have your own home with your own thoughts and arts. That's really great!

11:49 PM

Blogger Zara's Mama said...

I love the lamps in your appartment.. it'll look good in Zara's room.

You have 2 bathrooms and you are complaining?

I have 4 in the house!! And only 2 are being used! Wonder why they make so many bathrooms for.

12:23 AM

Blogger Egghead said...

nice lamps!
you really DIY for everything huh? good work-out! :)

1:17 AM

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