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Wednesday, September 27, 2006

my life this and that ...

  • Have been busy from work lately. Life is tiring. A lot of times I don't get to read all the blogs I would like to read, much less leaving comments in everyone's blog, or type any entries ... Anyway, am surviving ...
  • Am happy that mamabok received all the so-called 'care packages' safely. To be honest with you I salute mamabok to have the strength to stay in a rather small town where she currently resides. I cannot imagine living without asian groceries, for I have a very asian, and for the most part "Malaysian" palate. After I left Halifax I am blessed to be in this city, whereby asian groceries are easily available. Previously when I was in Halifax I required my mum to mail me some cooking stuff from Malaysia because even if there are asian grocery stores in Halifax, they mostly sell China food stuffs, and that, did not suffice my Malaysian-style palate. Now, in Richmond, I no longer require my mum to mail me any food stuffs because of the great variety that is available here. In Halifax it was so tough to get fresh produce like long beans, chinese cabbage, basil, guylan, and etc asian style vege, things are very different here. Can you imagine living in a place whereby asian grocery is not available almost at all (like in Mamabok's place)?
  • Mamabok, I call that an unconditional love ... for papabok and Chloe.

  • I believe that is the reason that prompted many bloggers to mail 'care packages' to mamabok. To me, I empathize with mamabok's frustration and homesickness ...
  • Mamabok mentioned about the mooncake she bought once years ago in Halifax, mooncakes that were as hard as rock. Hey, I can proof to you that that wasn't a lie, at all. Actually we were able to get some decent mooncakes from the grocery stores in Halifax (that were transported from Hong Kong), but they cost around CAD$25 per box. How could a poor student, like me, afford that? So we opted for some cheaper mooncakes. I think it cost CAD$4 each. They turned out to be the biggest joke, EVER, in mooncake history. They were hardly edible, because they really were as hard as ROCK. A strong knife was a MUST just to slice the mooncakes ... look at this photo, see how dried the mooncake is? and how it crumbled? Yes, we were conned.
  • Anyhow, am glad that even Chloe (mamabok's daughter) likes mooncake too.

  • Then, Little Luke Skywalker received the gift that I sent months ago. I thought that parcel went M.I.A, and luckily, it managed to find a way to the receiver. Next LLS's thoughtful father wrote a cute post about the conversation he had with his lil' son about what should LLS say to this 'Auntie Greenapple' should we meet ... haha. LLS's reaction was very shocking indeed. 'Oh my Goodness' was one of a kind reaction, and perhaps sign of watching too much TV shows. =p
  • Then Mr. Egghead mailed me and asked me whether is it appropriate to address me as 'Auntie' because he wasn't aware of the fact that I am, still, childless ... hmm, oh well. I am at my mid-20s, engaged, not a mum yet. I guess this can be regarded as a confusion age too (like teen-age). Okay, I know I no longer am a girl, so 'jie jie' will be, eerrr, understated (bleh!), but 'auntie' ? [sigh big time!]
  • Can I have him to call my name instead? =)
  • All in a sudden I like it here. The culture over here is that you'll address someone by their name for the most part ... unlike Chinese we'll have to determine the relationship and the order according to the family tree ...

oh well ...

Just some brief updates. Take care everyone ...


Anonymous maria @ twinsmom said...

don't sigh, it is a honor being call Auntie you know. I being call 姨妈妈 since I was 25.

11:20 AM

Anonymous Mama BoK said...

Yer the kindest person.. in thoughts .. and in action. It is a great pleasure and honour to know you .. :) I hope we get to meet.. someday soon. You know our home is always open to you .. when you come back to Nova Scotia for a visit. And yes.. it is really hard.. sometimes.. during certain times of the day or month.. i cannot help but feel sad.. that i'm home away from home .. for this long. But you know what.. GA, i donch think i would ever wanna change it.. because .. my rewards here is far greater .. than i would have .. if i was still in asia. Having Chloe.. and being with Papa BoK .. are the 2 greatest accomplishment in my life.
I thank you sincerely .. from the bottom of my heart.. for all the food.. that you've sent me.. :) Even my own sister would not have treated me so well. Thank you very much..GA..!!

2:17 PM

Blogger Egghead said...

hehe... sorry for referring you as auntie wor... LOL! I really didn't know that you are even younger than me... but then... it's a good thing... coz you really have sophisticated taste in terms of your writings and your home design... probably those things drove me to think that you are more mature than I am :)

well... will just inform my son to refer you as ms. greenapple from now on... to him... anyone who looks taller or "older" than his 13 years old uncle is consider uncle and auntie liao... LOL!

8:09 PM

Blogger shoppingmum said...

How about Pretty Aunty Greenapple? With a word pretty in front, I think it sounds better than just aunty. :P

12:32 AM

Blogger babe_kl said...

awww how scwwweettt... i saw some HK mooncake in KL, costing around RM46 per mooncake! so must count my blessings to live in food haven

3:03 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

mid 20s? ehm...i thought we are in our late 20s..

3:51 AM

Blogger Greenapple said...

eerr, Dato or Datin is an honour. But Auntie? Maybe it's my first time, I really don't get the 'honoured' feel.

We hv mutual respects towards each other. Count me as your friend, and don't thank me anymore. =)

it's alright, everything written here is pun intended. Don't worry, we're cool. Actually it's my very first time to be addressed as 'Auntie', so there really was a shock. But I guess it's another form of being denial. Will try to take that as an honour, like Maria said.

I agree with you. Seriously I don't think it's fair to address you as auntie too hoh ... for you are a hot looking mama.

hey you can start your round of ramandan bazaar now ... that will be cool ... i rely on your blog to satisfy my hunger pangs you know? =)

anonymous aka youlgo,
i know your fiance said that. only you agreed with him, I don't. to me, there are early, mid, and late.
Late? not there yet.

5:42 AM

Anonymous youlgo said...

"auntie" is quite...maybe a yi2 is better. i was called auntie 19 years ago since my cousin gave birth..

8:13 AM

Blogger Blogie-Talkie said...

very kind of you............ Auntie going to be...........

5:51 PM

Blogger Zara's Mama said...

Ah.. this is a good post to tell us what is in your mind.. :P

Yeah, over here, we really have to establish the relationship before addressing someone, but for Western countries, it's just the names.

And I'm very Asian too.. I can't live without Asian groceries.

10:04 PM


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