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Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Stir-fry corn with bird-eye chili, garlic and soy sauce.

When I was younger I was never introduced to using corn as a dish. Sure they serve as a good snack, but never to be stir-fried and plated. My mum learned this dish sometime ago from the Buddhist Library that is located near our home in KL during one of the free vegetarian lunch that was offered by the site. It's actually a simple dish. Stir fry the corn with bird-eye chili (cili padi), garlic (ginger if you're a strict Buddhist, or as you prefer), and soy sauce. Just chop the corns to a smaller parts then stir fry them. As easy as 1-2-3. The aroma of the chili blends really well with garlic and soy sauce.

Have been cooking this dish a lot lately because corns are cheap during the summer months.

This is the soy sauce I use in my daily cooking. I don't use oyster sauce as I am not comfortable with the ingredients used during manufacturing. I started using this soy sauce when I was in Canada, only to realise this product is easily available in Malaysia too. It's a product from Indonesia. It works really well with vege stir-frying.


Anonymous maria @ twinsmom said...

something new and special, will try it :D.

10:38 PM

Blogger Zara's Mama said...

never tried stir frying corn actually.. only baby corn.. should try it one day.

11:38 PM

Blogger Fashionasia said...

ya very special...never tried it before i need to steam the corn first or just dump in and fry??

2:03 AM

Anonymous kris said...

absolutely promising..corn is in the season right now,so I must try this once I found the cili padi :)

3:59 PM

Anonymous day-dreamer said...

Never tried this before but it seems nice.


3:19 AM


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