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Saturday, August 19, 2006

one year old.

I can't believe I have already owned this cyber felicity corner for a year.

h-o-w t-i-m-e f-l-i-e-s!

I created this space for myself to jot down my felicity moments, after a year I don't think I've adhered to what I used to set for myself. I certainly love to type something here to share, but let's face it, blogging is also a commitment.

Will try harder. I will.

To my dear corner, happy 1st. May you have more felicity birthdays to come.

Cheers. =)


Anonymous Mama BoK said...

Happy 1st..! and many more.. to come.. ;)

6:51 PM

Blogger mom2ashley said...

happy 1st birthday!!!!

9:38 PM

Blogger day-dreamer said...

Happy Birthday to My Felicity Corner!

11:00 PM

Blogger at sea said...


10:17 PM

Blogger shoppingmum said...

Happy happy birthday!!!

1:44 AM

Anonymous domesticgoddess said...

Happy Blog Birthday!

7:34 PM

Blogger Zara's Mama said...

Happy 1 year old to your blog!! :)

Quick yeah? I didn't 'celebrate' mine at all. :P

11:27 PM

Blogger fooDcrazEE said...

happy anniversary to ur blog

6:17 AM

Blogger carcar said...


10:33 AM

Blogger carcar said...

啊, 对不起 :(

10:35 AM


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