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Saturday, September 02, 2006

Summer Fun.

Generally people here in North America are crazy about summer. I can actually see why, despite my own preference. During summer everyone is out barbeque-ing, grilling, hiking, cycling, going to the beaches, travelling, etc. Summer concerts in the malls are some of the highlights for the season too. Nice weather during the early evening, nice music, in a nice mall, a very wonderful atmosphere indeed. A lot of them normally attended the summer concert prepared (look at the folding chairs).

It really is a good way to celebrate the summer evenings ...

Many kids dancing happily in front of the band and singers. It sure is a fun sight to look at.

They even have kiddie tu-tu-train rides for kids ...

On another day, a sunny afternoon in another mall:

Kids were giggling, having fun with the water. Parents were giggling too, standing at the side looking at their kids enjoying themselves.

May everyone enjoy the remaining of the summer.


Anonymous youlgo said...

i am dying to see some sunlight in nz! glad that winter is over and day light saving is not far away. i dun like summer either (it burns!), but i prefer to wake up with sunlight and come back home with some brightness...

5:34 PM

Anonymous twinsmom said...


11:16 PM

Blogger Zara's Mama said...

It's always something to look forward in a country with 4 seasons.. after all, the days are longer, the weather is not so cold that you have to stay in door..

I'd only experiance 1 summer in UK.. and I really love the long day light.

12:38 AM

Blogger mom2ashley said...

they have those water fountains here to and kids usually like to go right in the middle of it and get wet...

12:08 PM


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