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Friday, September 09, 2005


I'm trying to recover from some emotional distress. Hmm. Not in exuberant mode I am.

Ah, just wanna share some pictures for now.

Ingredients for red bean and mung bean sweet dessert. I like to have tapioca pearl to go with it most of the time.

Oh, let's not forget about the Pandan leaves. (Pandan leaves, 班兰叶,or 香叶, something very popular to be used when cooking sweet dessert) Pandan leaves have a very sweet and distinctive aroma. I absolutely love it. There's always a lot of pandan leaves in my M'sia house's courtyard. I was so happy to find packaged pandan leaves here, even if it's frozen product.
The end product:

See the tapioca pearls?

Potato with garlic butter and herbs.

Stir fried leeks flower (蒜薹)with mushroom and firm tofu.
Thai Green Curry with eggplants, sliced chicken, sliced onions, and my beloved basil.

Shrimps in tomato sauce with onions and corns.


Anonymous Big BoK said...

I know what you mean about .. even if it was frozen.. ! i'll taken frozen pandan leaves anytime..!

12:29 AM

Blogger Greenapple said...

yeah, I'm a big big fan of pandan leaves. It goes well with my rice, my dessert, my agar-agar ... great stuff, eh?

1:33 PM

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