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Sunday, October 16, 2005

Bread Story - the USA version.

In Malaysia, there is a hip, trendy, and rather upscale bakery chain store known as the 'Bread Story'. I love that store; the aroma of the bread is so remarkable that everytime I passed by the store, I would be welcomed warmly by the incredibly nice smell of bread. However, I could rarely afford one of those cate for myself. When a piece of bread equals the price of a bowl of noodle, I'm sorry, I'll definitely go for the latter.

But hey, you don't have to rely on the store. You can always make it yourself.

That was what we did yesterday.

Well, it was an event organized by a friend. We called it 'bread-making' party. Haha. It was basically a cooking class for a bunch of friends. But what was so neat about it was that right after the hardworking session, we all got to eat the bread we made, together.

It was fun. I finally learned how to knead a dough properly, and the troubleshooting techniques if the dough does not rise properly.

The Bread cookbook, our source of inspiration.

Before baking.

After baking.

Our Bread Stories, the Richmond version.

We made a variety of buns. Polo bun, sardine bun, kaya bun, cocktail bun, Chinese sausage bun, chicken meatfloss bun, cheesesticks, and garlic bread. We also made a variety of shapes ... from bun to braids, from rectangular to envelope-like (minus the stamp), and from Swiss roll style to open-faced ...

That was way more fun than cooking ... =)


Anonymous Mama BoK said...

Wow..! that's really cool..!!

1:25 AM

Blogger fooDcrazEE said...

Yeah, kewl is the word. Do put more egg wash unto ur bread so it turns out a nicer colour. From ur pic, the bread are kinda pale. Just beat a whole egg and brush unto the proofen bread. Try to space ur bread so it dont sticks to one another.

Also , try recipe from here

Jan's Kitchen


Lily's Wai Sek Hong

for some tested recipe, homemade.

Who can resist a freshly baked bread's aroma ?

2:55 AM

Blogger babe_kl said...

sedapnya greenapple! hey how's that book huh? i was kinda contemplating to get that as it seems pretty easy. i hv bread making phobia :p

3:42 AM

Blogger boo_licious said...

clap clap greenapple! Alex Goh teaches at chang tung too.

7:48 AM

Anonymous maria said...

woo yeah...*evil laugh* I safe again!
hehehe... you know my dad's bakery right? I hate the bread smell :(, I don't really like bread, but I LOVE cake, unless you blog about cake, otherwise I inmune wan hehehe...

9:51 AM

Blogger Greenapple said...

mamabok, thanks!

foodcrazee, thanks for the tip. The truth is, we did brush the egg yolk over the dough, but just not yellowish enough. but we're okay with that. But i guess more space is crucial during the next attempt.

babe, that book is great! it's simple, and the steps are easy to follow. On top of that, the book consists a lot of great recipe. I'll wanna get one the next time I'm home.

boo, thanks for your applause. ;)
Chang Tung is who/what/where?

maria .. haha, i'm not a good cake baker. I might wanna learn that in the near future coz i have a sifu here in this gang of friends too ... You wait .. haha.

12:24 PM

Blogger shoppingmum said...

Yummy, yummy, all those breads look delicious! I'm a bread lover, but you missed my favourite one, roti sambal udang / ikan bilis!

5:00 AM

Blogger Samm said...

aiyo, i have all 3 of alex's books. Bought them all when i went on a baking spree when i was pregnant with Gordon. But me lazy one lah. I tipu and used breadmaker instead. No oven mah. Now, i prefer to steam them instead. My steamed greentea wheat buns very cun one.

8:34 AM

Anonymous maria said...

Greenapple, here Lockee got another type of bread which is very sickening, prepare yourself to see it--

9:29 AM

Blogger Greenapple said...

shoppingmum, that's because I don't know how to make sambal udang/ikan bilis. If I know how to make that ingredients, I'll for sure have them as filling.

Samm, mind to give me your steam greentea wheat buns?

Maria .. thanks for the tip.

12:03 PM

Blogger glutton rabbit said...

Greenapple, Wow. I'm impressed with your zeal to cook. It is infectious...hehe I feel like buying the book after reading your post. Thanks for sharing...

10:01 AM

Blogger Greenapple said...

hey glu, i do think that the book is impressive in terms of coverage. plus they show the steps in great details. i'll highly recommend this book.

3:23 PM

Anonymous Tony said...

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4:14 AM


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