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Saturday, October 22, 2005

Roti Canai.

We found packaged Roti Canai from the frozen aisle of a local Indian grocery store, and guess what, it's Buatan Malaysia! As a proud Malaysian, of course we must give it a try...

Each packet consists of 5 roti, and costs us US$1.99. So one roti costs US$0.40=RM1.504. Okaylah, the price is considered as reasonable.

It's really easy to make. Too bad I didn't have curry to go with it. Will definitely have curry with my roti next time.

Another mamak food from my kitchen.

Heh, who say home is far away?


Anonymous maria said...

他乡遇故知?No curry nvm lar, eat with white sugar also very nice wor, now I am drooling...

3:42 AM

Anonymous coolcat said...

Haha, now I know why Singaporeans call it Roti Prata. I only know it as Roti Kosong/Canai :P You can start a mamak stall there already, GA.

9:45 AM

Anonymous Mama Bok said...

GA, you so lucky..!! i got the curry..just send me the para-tha.. and i send you the curry.. ok..?? fair right..?? hehhehhee!!

3:41 PM

Blogger vagus said...

omigod. we have the same brand. costs only USD1.50

11:14 PM

Blogger Greenapple said...

maria, I've never tried it with sugar. Perhaps I'll give it a try, but I think the roti is as good as it is.

coolcat, i have no idea why it is called Roti Paratha ... Perhaps Indians call it that way?

MamaBok, I'll love to, but it's frozen product, so I don't think I can send perishable products through mail. Let's see how.

Vagus, really? Good for you. Actually the shop was having a Deepavali sale, buy 2 get 1 free ... so US$4 for 3 packets ... Perhaps I shall keep a stock of such item, eh?

11:27 PM

Blogger boo_licious said...

I like this brand too, tried it once for a camping trip.

5:18 AM

Blogger glutton rabbit said...

Greenapple, I didn't know the exported this to US. Yeah, its real easy to prepare, just flip it like on a pan like a pancake right? Haha...

9:51 AM

Blogger Greenapple said...

boo and glu .. ya, i was so excited to see such item too. I think I'm gonna go stock up this item as they're having a Deepavali sale, buy 2 get 1 free ...
Such a gem!

2:45 PM

Blogger Allyfeel said...

Roti eating with white sugar is very nice one... I used to eat it when I was young, give it a try greenapple.

3:35 AM

Blogger Greenapple said...

since you say that, ally, roti with sugar it is the next time I make this. haha. thanks.

11:48 AM


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