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Thursday, November 30, 2006

Winged Bean. (四翼豆,四棱豆)

A few weeks ago I saw winged beans on the fresh produce aisle at my local Asian grocery store. It was indeed a pleasant surprise because winged bean is not a regular vegetable carried by the store. Without a doubt I bought 2 packages (each pack only have around 8 beans). I have never had this dish elsewhere but Malaysia.

I enjoy using this sauce to stir fry my veges. As you can tell from the label the sauce is made for Laksa cooking. Perhaps that's the taste for Johor style laksa because the paste is not sourish at all. Instead, the taste is very close to the mixture of sambal + dried shrimp + chili paste, i.e. the combination we use to stir fry long beans and kangkung. Consequently I would always stock up this paste because it's so flavourful, and deliver good result when I use it to stir fry my veges.

The end product. Voila!

During the next visit to the grocery store the winged bean is no longer available. So long, winged bean ... I had great fun when we met! I look forward to having next encounter with you! ^_^


Blogger shoppingmum said...

I like this bean and if you fried it well, can feel the crunchiness...Yummy!

10:07 AM

Anonymous mama bok said...

I've never had wing beans before either. Hmmm.. laksa paste..!! next time eh.. i'll remember when i need for you to help me buy something.. ;) trying to work out a list. But i've been so overwhelmed by work. .and the store.. and of course my "wonderful" workers. And i'm hoping to get into a totally different business altogether.. to do with asia. :) so.. busy .. and also exasperated..!

8:55 PM

Blogger day-dreamer said...

I never really liked this bean but I don't know why my grandmother always like to cook it. But I still eat it though.

4:39 AM

Anonymous youlgo said...

are you going to change the date?

1:24 AM


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