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Sunday, September 11, 2005

Virginia Beach 1-day Trip - Part II

Yeah, it's the beach time.

Atlantic Ave. runs parallel to the shore line. What comes into view would be tons of lodging fascilities, from those affordable one, to those more luxurious one. In addition, you would see many souvenir shoppes and many seafood restaurants.
We finally parked our car somewhere and went down the beach.
Very very straight shore line.

We were shocked to see the emptiness of the beach, as we were told that the beach would normally filled by uncountable tourists during summer time. We later on reckoned that it had to do with the fact that it's already September, and all the students have returned to school. Sigh. What a waste. Mr. Tomato was quite dissapointed by this fact, as he was actually hoping to see some nude gals enjoying their sun-bathe under a sunny day like that. Ha. Better luck next time!

Sexiest gal we saw on the beach was this :

Not too bad lah, right?

Some other scenes to share:

I thought these are cute.

It looks even better when someone's riding it. Romantic if you're riding it with your love one, eh?

Happy family.

Nepture rises from the sea. A sculpture to be presented soon to City of Virginia Beach at the opening of the 2005 Neptune Festival on Sept 30, 2005. Hmm, perhaps it's a good idea to visit VA beach again during that festival.

Maybe it's due to the fact that VA Beach is close to Naval Base, we saw many helicopters flying over the beach for a couple of times.

How do you find the beach? I know, not as awesome as Pulau Redang in Malaysia, but it's still pretty great, isn't it?

Here's a picture of both of us.

Stay tuned, for a gourmet and scrumptious seafood dinner.


Anonymous Maria said...

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12:30 AM

Blogger Greenapple said...

Haha, thanks Maria for being so supportive. Good cook? hmm, thanks for that compliment. Well, when you're far far away from home, the best way to cure the homesickness will be cooking some homey food. That's just a survival need. Haha.

9:36 AM

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