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Monday, December 05, 2005

Richmond's first snow of the year.

It's snowing out there, the very first snow of the season in this city. 1 to 3 inches of snow is expected for today, and another 1 to 3 inches for tomorrow. No, snowman-making won't be possible because 1) the snow are flaky; 2) the amount of snow won't suffice the need of making a snowman.

People has been telling me that I won't get a lot of snow in Richmond. Consequently, I seriously don't know what to expect. I lived in Canada for a few years where snow is simply outrageous. With that experience, I thought I can live with any amount of snow. But things are rather different now. At present time, I drive as a way to commute. I no longer walk. Walking under the snow is so much easier than under the rain. But to drive under the snowy condition is totally different. Let's hope that I will get used to such weather condition, and be safe.

Oh well, winter is here. Confirmed.

My lil' basil farm is now gone. It's now completely covered by snow.

Silent. Serene. Soothe. Hush ...


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