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Wednesday, January 18, 2006


Please pardon my inactivity.

Somehow life is happening too fast, and I am too caught up between here and there. It it so hectic until I find no time to decompress, or simply jot those moments down.

Alright, the aforementioned statement is just another way of saying, I am lazy, ha!

But it's true.

Whenever a year starts, many people will tend to make a list of New Year's resolution. Well, I don't usually have one. When it comes to that matter, I prefer to be a spontaneous person. I prefer to make necessary changes rightaway. I prefer to ....

Oh, maybe that's just another way of saying, I am lousy at adhering to plans.

Anyhow, what lies ahead of me, is rather hectic.

I am planning to take GRE (Graduate Record Exam) at this coming June, hoping to get into a Master program this coming Fall semester. That means I will have to cram 2000-3000 tough vocabularies into my head, alongside with essays preparation, as well as mathematics portion of the exam. I also plan to take the certification exam offered by ASCP (American Society for Clinical Pathology) at the end of the year. All these just implies that there will be A LOT OF studying work this year, in addition to having a full time job to commit.

I just hope that everything will turn out alright, and I possess the strength to cope what I have set for myself.



Anonymous Mama BoK said...

Wow..!! ambitious..!! heheh!! well good luck..!!

9:07 PM

Blogger Zara's Mama said...

Good Luck Greenapple!

9:38 PM

Anonymous maria aka twinsmom said...

you know we always here for "jing shen zhi chi", jia you!

11:58 AM

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