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Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Everything Online.

Are you an 'online' person? How 'online' are you?

Since our days in North America (previously Canada, now USA), broadband internet is something we cannot live without. I call it an 'essential' of daily lives. We do banking online, we pay all our bills online, we rent our DVDs online, we order our digital photo prints online (and pick them up at stores an hour later), etc. Internet is a great tool for communications, but I guess we have lived a life that is way beyond that. Online shopping is something really handy these days. You can buy almost anything, or everything from the internet now. More often than not, the deals are better on the internet, than the deals you get in stores. All you need to pay is the shipping and handling. Most of the websites would offer free shipping if your order exceeds a certain amount, so that's even better.

In Canada days, I was a big fan of Amazon.Ca, and Chapters.Ca. These sites are cool, and they have given me an option for more affordable books. In recent days, Amazon.Com and Barnes & Noble.Com are my fave when it comes to books. Tomato loves to get his computer accessories online. I bought my current laptop from the internet, so does my scrubs, my movie tickets, my broadway tickets, my flight tickets, even lingerie!

This is a lifestyle that is totally different from two decades ago. I wonder how will our lives be 20 years from now.


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