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Sunday, January 08, 2006

Something homey.

I once said 'You can take a Malaysian out of Malaysia, but you can never take Malaysia out of a Malaysian'. The response I got was 'more food for thought'. The comment was right, but only partially though. When you're in overseas, you tend to ponder over the differences between races and nationalities more than you're in your home country. At least that is what I have experienced in my recent years living abroad. I do have many Chinese friends from China. We click really well. We all look physically alike, but deep down, we all know that there are many huge differences between ourselves. Food, culture, perception, habits, etc., just to name a few. For a foreigner, they might have viewed all Chinese as a whole, but we sure think that a Malaysian Chinese differs from Chinese from China, a lot.

Alright, this post is about food. Something Malaysia, something homey.

I manage to get a packet of Hup Seng's Ping Pong Cream Crackers from the grocery store. Oh, what a precious! Crackers and coffee is a common combination for breakfast in my family. Ahhh, a cup of hot aromatic coffee, together with homey cream crackers (from Malaysia,yay!), perfect combination!

I am not a big coffee fan, as coffee tends to dry my throat. On top of that, I dislike the unpleasant breath one will develop after taking coffee (please do not be offended! that is my personal view). I will not say no to this breakfast nevertheless, as it is THAT good.

It is best to have the crackers dip into boiling hot coffee, so that the crackers will be softened nicely, and that the aroma of coffee will diffuse evenly in every bite of the crackers. When you have the crackers in your mouth, the softened-crackers-but-still-with-a-hint-of-crunchiness+coffee aroma= heavenly!

See, you can take a Malaysian, out of Malaysia. But can you take Malaysia out of a Malaysian? Nah. More food for thought? Oh well, perhaps.

Food, partakes a culture, afterall.


Anonymous youlgo said...

i have been craving for indian rojak for a long long time, something that ppl usually cannot make at home. and cendol as well

4:33 PM

Blogger leecs said...

yeah yeah yeah..true...
hey good news that i managed to get 'roti canai' from local store here, makro and carrefour :) BUT it is much more thinner than the one from Malaysia....i think i can finish the whole pack by myself (5 slices/pack)

cracker....hmmmm i make it a habbit that few days in a week i will skip my dinner and have biscuit and coffee....yeah..and reading my paper at the same time..GREAT :)

in 11 days, we will be back to Malaysia for CNY.. HAPPY

8:48 PM

Blogger Greenapple said...

youlgo, you will be home soon, so no worries. happy 2006 by the way, welcome to my corner.

leecs,haha, it's good that you get roti canai from your local store. i bet you felt great! crackers + coffee indeed is a great combination.
so jealous that you'll be home for CNY ...

6:47 AM

Anonymous youlgo said...

there are prepacked roti canai in nz as well, taste like rubber. however, fresh naan is only nz1, although it doesn't come with curry....but u can find plain dosa with dhal for nz3.5

not too badlah

1:25 AM

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11:41 AM

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

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