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Wednesday, September 14, 2005


I could still remember vividly about the experience of first logging in into this blogger account. When I click on the 'Template' site, I saw a lot of HTML jargons and I got chickened out. I thought, oh man, they really need to give me a short-course about blogging, don't they! So, I actually did open another blogger account at another domain as I thought I'll be an idiot in this domain. The other domain wasn't bad, as it was more user-friendly to me. However, a normal user of that domain is only entitled to 50mb of limited space when it comes to pictures uploading. I've deemed my blog to be more of a photoblog, so I figured that that domain will not be the right place for me either. In addition, Mr.Tomato believes that being one of the largest domain for blogger, shouldn't be that user-unfriendly. After much contemplation, I returned to this domain and tried to be brave this time. Only then, I realized that there are actually quite a number of pre-set templates for users to choose. On top of that, you can play with the template if you're unsatisfied with the current one. I was like, oh, ceh, such a coward I was! Additionally, I can upload as much photos I like in this domain. Awesome, right? So, I happily get settled with my current felicity corner.

So, lately I have been surfing around and have been playing with the templates, particularly the colours. It was rather fun doing so. The very original design of this template would be:
I've brought in more 'greenapple-ish' colour as my background colour. As well, I've gotten rid of those '565' code on top of the banner. It might not appear to you as something impressive, but it was a big step in me about wiiling to challenge something that is beyond my knowledge. Aside from these, I've had my blog registered for Google Adsense, so you'll see some advertisement and a Google Search Bar on the side bar monitored by Google. Oh, let's not forget the clocks. My current time is exactly 12 hours slower than M'sia time. In other words, the time is the same but the am/pm is the other way round. But my time will be switched an hour backward on the last Sunday of October for the daylight saving adjustment (the time will be switched an hour forward again on the first Sunday next April). I like the clocks a lot. Cool, eh?

I ought to bring more colours/contents into this corner. So, pal, stay tuned!


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