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Monday, September 19, 2005

Cookies Nite I - Cornflake Cookies

I was too bored to be at home alone one night, so I decided to make something to kill the time.

I had never made any cookies in my life, so I thought it would be a great idea to give it a shot. offers quite a number of cookies recipes, and soon I had my mind settled on Cornflake cookies because I kinda miss this food. I think the last time I had this type of cookies was a decade ago.

Click here for the recipe.

The outcome?

The cookies tasted good. I was so happy to see my batch of cookies. It was my very first time making these tidbits anyway ... I was thrilled.


Anonymous Big BoK said...

I hope someone helped you to eat all of them..?? heheh!!

11:39 PM

Blogger Greenapple said...

Seriously, you have a good point here. I'm making way too much cookies for 3 persons. I think I'll only bake again the next time when we are having a party or something. Otherwise, it takes a long time to finish so many cookies at a short period of time.

1:27 PM


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