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Friday, September 16, 2005

Virginia Beach 1-day Trip - Part III

Having a delectable seafood meal was definitely the best way to end our Virginia Beach 1-day trip.

Despite the abundance of seafood buffet restaurant around the region, we had decided that we would rather go for an à la carte meal over buffet. We rationalized that buffet meals were too pricey for both of us ($25/person); we could get main entrée at other non-buffet seafood restaurant at a fraction of the price. In addition, ordinary main entrée offered at other restaurant would suffice our appetite as well as our seafood-cravings. Or else, there would be a risk of binge-eating. Yes, we would like to indulge ourselves into a gourmet meal, but we definitely did not wanna overdo it.

We found this restaurant serendipitously.

The cover of the menu of the Dockside Inn Restaurant & Marina:

Some of the inner decor in the restaurant:

You can either sit in the indoor air-conditioned area, or outdoor patio.The view is awesome, eh?

A panoramic view of the restaurant. I took these pictures from the boardwalk. I used photoshop to merge the pictures together. Well, they did not fit perfectly, but you can roughly get the idea of the exterior look of the restaurant.

The food:

I had broiled scallops with vegetables and red-skin potatoes.
The vege was sautéed nicely, not too oily nor mushy. The red-skin potatoes was fantastic! It was my very first time having red-skin potatoes and I like the texture of the skin very much. The taste of the potatoes together with garlic + butter made a perfect combination. As for the scallops, ah, I was speechless. The first thing that came into mind was, I wanna share this wonderful dish with my parents and my brothers badly! Okay, it was so good that you would go Hmmm hmmmm hmmmm hmmmmm hmmmm. The scallops were huge, succulent, nicely done by the chef. I could not figure out the ingredients the chef used to cook/marinate the scallops, but it was tremendously good. Absolutely love it!

As for Mr.Tomato, he had a baked potato and ...

L O B S T E R !

The first chew made me, once again, speechless. Well, it was not that I had not have lobster before. I had tried a handful of lobster when I was in Halifax, also a city famous with seafood, so I knew what to expect. But the lobster we had was beyond our expectation. It was a little bit overcooked I must admit because the texture of the meat was rather dry, but the taste was great! The chef did an excellent job at bringing out the sweetness of the lobster meat, so that outweighed the flaw.

Before we entered the restaurant, I thought the trip to Virginia Beach would be the first and the last. No, don't get me wrong, VA Beach is a nice place, but USA is huge. I thought I would rather visit other places that I have yet visited if we ever have time+money for travelling. But after the superb seafood meal, I know we are so gonna be back. Even if only for the food.

To my parents and siblings at home, I seriously look forward to having you all here. I promise I'll buy you all dinner, wonderful seafood dinner. It's heart-breaking to think about the fact that I could not share such incredible delicacy with you all. When I saw the gigantic scallops in my plate, I thought, how good would it be if you all were there. I managed to bring lobsters home once, and hopefully you all will get to taste fresh scallops in the near future.


Anonymous Maria said...

everytime come to your blog, I only have three words for you--envy, envy, envy...

and just realised I haven't reply your mail!!!! Oops!

1:49 PM

Blogger domesticgoddess said...

the food looks seriously declicious!!! *drool*

5:20 AM

Anonymous Big BoK said...

Wow..! you've been to halifax..?? Canada..??? i'm very near halifax.. !! if we are talking about the same halifax.. i'm 4hrs drive away.. woo hoo..!!

11:45 PM

Blogger Greenapple said...

I am glad that you all enjoy the food. Haha. Please have some for yourselves. Be my guest! =p

1:28 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said... is now open. Click

3:21 AM


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