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Saturday, September 24, 2005

Omelette Rice 蛋包饭

Omelette rice (蛋包饭), or more commonly known as Nasi Goreng Pattaya (nasi=rice in Malay, goreng=fried in Malay) among Malaysians, is a type of hawker style food that you can get from almost all the mamak* stall or mamak restaurant in Malaysia. If you aren't in the mood of having rice, you can always ask for mee (noodles), instant noodles, or meehoon (thin vermicelli). The chef can always stuff different ingredients underneath the thin omelette to suit your taste.

I've always wanted to make omelette rice myself. In fact, I had actually made a few attempts, but none of them could be regarded as successful trial due to the fact that I would fail to wrap the rice nicely with the omelette. Either the omelette was too small, or the omelette would break, etc. I managed to pull off one today, finally.

How did I make it? First of all, I fried some rice.

Ingredients for the fried rice:
1. 1.5 cup of cold rice
2. 1 cup of frozen mixed vegetables
3. 1 egg
4. 2 tbsp of raisins
5. salt, pepper, and soy sauce to taste.

I love to put in raisins to my cooking lately. Raisins would go well with many dishes, like fried rice, curries, even vege stir-frys.

Then, I scooped all the rice into a bowl, and inverted the bowl over a plate.

This way, the rice would be nicely plated on the plate.

Next, I made the thin omelette using a non-stick skillet pan. The recipe of the thin omelette: 1 egg + 1/4 cup of milk + a tiny pinch of salt. Beat this mixture, thoroughly if possible until a smooth mixture. Then, pour the mixture on the skillet pan and swirl the pan to ensure an even distribution. The larger the skillet, the larger the omelette you can make. Make sure your egg mixture occupies all the flat spaces on the pan, if possible. Cook the egg over a low heat. When the egg is 'movable' when you gently shake the pan, the egg is almost ready. Carefully use a chopstick and flip the base side over and check out the omellete. If the egg no longer sticks to the pan, and is golden brown in colour, you may switch off the heat.

I normally would take out the egg right away, but the omelette would still be so warm that my hands would not be able to tolerate the heat. Yes, you may use a spatula or chopsticks to lift the egg up, but in my humble opinion, nothing would beat my agile hands. Please bear in mind that the omelette is reasonably fragile to handle. Consequently, I would wait a little for the egg to cool down before transferring the omelette to my plate.

I laid my omelette over my rice, and nicely slip the edges into the rice. This is how it looks like:

I tried to decorate my omelette rice with some hoisin sauce and ketchup, but I think I might have screwed up the design. Aiyah, the opening of the sauces' bottle were too wide, so it was hard to manipulate. Anyhow, please have a giggle.

Despite the poor 'drawing', the omelette rice was yummy! Finally, I have a successful omelette rice out of my kitchen. Oh, I'm happy.

By the way, Mr. Tomato said this omelette rice reminded him of Wilson the volleyball, from the movie 'Cast Away'.

They do look alike, eh? Haha, so funny.

I will like to dedicate this food specially to Annabelle and Isabelle, angels of Twinsmom. I think kids will love this dish.

* Please click here to learn more about the 'mamak' culture in Malaysia.


Anonymous Big BoK said...

Cute..! i love Omu rice..!

1:22 AM

Anonymous maria said...

hahaha...I no yet to cook for them, but they already saw this in your blog, and they go: "*wee....* why funny face on the rice?" then I answer: "because the jie jie who cook the rice very funny lor." then I asked the want to eat? they said yes, I pick the rice from the screen gave to them, they say wait, and went out side get a masak-masak bowl and spoon to take it: "no use hand ah." they said.

thanks you belanja them :).

3:03 AM

Blogger Greenapple said...

hey big bok, i think most of the asians would love omelette rice, and it's not hard to make. may you have fun making it for yourself.

haha, maria, your gals are way too cute! oh, must not use hand huh? such a great manner they learned! and i love the imaginary game that you all often play... it's funny, it's sweet, and so heart-warming at the same time.

8:03 AM

Blogger glutton rabbit said...

Hi there green apple! You cook a lot of Malaysian dishes in the US...

This post is very funny. I can't stop laughing cos it does look like the volleyball...LOL

12:15 PM

Anonymous Coolcat said...

Oooooh, nasi pattaya eh?

Putting the face to the food is a creative touch. Looks cute and yeah, Wilson-ish ;)

9:03 PM

Blogger Belacan said...

oooo, this post made me tummy rumble! must have nasi pattaya for lunch today. muahahahar!

10:18 PM

Blogger Greenapple said...

hey there glutton rabbit, glad to see you around. well, i grew up in Malaysia, so it's already a habit when it comes to which type of food to eat. Malaysian style Chinese cooking will still top my list. I'm glad that you did have some giggle. Task accomplished. Ha.

Elo Coolcat, thanks for stopping by. You call it creative? hmm, an act of a twitter perhaps? =p

mr.belacan, oh, it's so wonderful to see you here. may you have a great plate of nasi pattaya as your lunch. bon appetit!

11:18 PM

Blogger babe_kl said...

so scrummy!!!

8:23 PM

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