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Monday, September 19, 2005

Dining Out : Beauregard's Thai Room

In North America, there are two types of South-East-Asia-themed restaurants that are plentiful in existence, which are Thai restaurant and Vietnamese Restaurant. You want Malaysian food? Well, that only exists in metropolitan cities, like NYC, Washington D. C., Vancouver, etc. I always wonder why there isn't more Malaysian restaurant around, for I think that M'sian food are more flavourful and have more varities, thanks to our multiracial cultures. This would suffice to kick up a few notches. However ... Oh well, enough of ramblings. It's not about M'sian food in this post.

We went to Beauregard's Thai Room a few weeks ago. The reason that this restaurant gained our attention was that they claimed they have the best patio in the city. We figured that it would be a good idea to check out the restaurant's patio before the arrival of fall or winter, as the patio will probably be closed up.

The anterior part of the restaurant, showing the main entrance. There is also a relatively smaller patio at the front of the restaurant, but the main spot of attraction would be the patio at the rear of the restaurant.

The main patio:

The patio does look good, with lots of plants and greenery. There is also a small pond amidst the yard-style dining tables and chairs. No wonder gwailos American loves it. As for a Malaysian gal like me, however, I would still prefer an air-conditioned indoor over the outdoor atmosphere. Ha. The atmosphere was good nonetheless.

There are a few typical Thai dishes you can find from a Thai restaurant in North America, for instance pad thai (Thai style fried kueh teow, with a dash of lemon juice and peanut pieces sprinkle on top), Thai green curry, Thai red curry, Thai Panang curry, Thai Massaman curry, Thai basil chicken, and of course, Tom Yum Gong. Out of all these so-called Thai food, I was only familiar with Tom Yum soup before I left home. I mean, have we fellow Malaysians ever heard of all those curries in different colours? C'mmon, we're loyal to all the curries we have in our home country. We have curries a la Chinese, a la Malay, and a la Indian. If that does not satisfied you, there are still curries a la hawker for all the different curry noodles, from the drier version to the soupy version. I guess there is no room for Thai curries, eh?

Oh well, back to Thai curries. If you ever have a chance to sample Thai curries, they seriously aren't bad as well.

Thai Red Curry, with sliced chicken, sliced bamboo shoots, red pepper, onions, and basil leaves.

Thai Green Curry, with sliced chicken, onions, green pepper (or more commonly known as capsicum in M'sia), and basil leaves.

Normally, rice and dishes are served on different plates in most of the Thai restaurants. I dunno why this restaurant did it differently. This would make it tougher if you'd like to share your food with someone else who were dining with you. The food was tasty nevertheless, and spicy, a special request we made. Often spicy food in North America are too sweet in order to sabotage the spiciness to suit gwailos' taste bud. So it is always relevant to make special request when you order your food.

Will we be back? Eerr, most probably not, unless invited by other ppl for a dinner or something. The price quoted by this restaurant is slightly higher than other Thai restaurant, but the serving size is relatively small. I bet you can do the math yourself. Plus, I'm not a big fan of the patio, so it's not quite worth it to pay for the patio-view.


Anonymous Big BoK said...

I wonder why we can't have more malaysian restaurants here too.. bummer..!!
I think they serve the dish and rice together.. so that you can't share.. eh..?? a conspiracy.. hahah!!

11:32 PM

Blogger Greenapple said...

haha, bigbok, good point, ya, perhaps it was a conspiracy ... who knows...

I think one of the reason that there are so few malaysian restaurants on north america has to do with the fact that there isn't much ppl who are interested in getting involved in this business? When fellow Malaysians left home, they're always off to some other fields.

1:24 PM


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