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Thursday, September 22, 2005

Rita is coming!

Oh my God, another catastrophe is on its way! Hurricane Rita is more severe/intense then the previous Hurricane Katrina. Can you imagine how disastrous will it be? And now it's targeting Texas. Many evacuess from New Orleans to Texas were saying it seems like the hurricane is following them! Ahh, isn't that heart-breaking?

I seriously dunno what to say ... just, God bless America.


Anonymous Maria said...

yah, when I watch the news in CNN, I am thinking of you, but then just realised -- I don't know which part of US you are staying! or I didn't pay enough attention to your blog, I must have miss it.

3:24 AM

Blogger Gina said...

Hi. Hope you take care.

I like your blog! Very colorful! Fellow foodie as well! I am delighted! :)

4:24 AM

Anonymous Big BoK said...

I'm watching the news very closely too.. and hope that not many ppl will be affected.. ! it's way too sad.. when disaster strikes..!

6:17 AM

Blogger Greenapple said...

Hey Maria, I live in the Richmond, Virginia, a state that is located more on east coast, on the middle part of USA. This hurricane doesn't give any impact to the east coast, but more on the south part of US.

Hello Gina, thanks for visiting my corner. Glad that you like it. Hope to see you around.

Oh big bok, ya, having been thru Hurricane Juan in Halifax before, I'm well aware of how disastrous all these nasty hurricane can be. It's so saddening, isn't it? I hope this is the end of the hurricane season for this year.

1:03 PM


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