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Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Cora's in Halifax, Canada.

Recently, I've come across the pancake store known as Paddington's House of Pancakes located at The Curve as blogged by fellow bloggers (see here, here, and here ). Well, it appears to me that the pancake store has a rather impressive menu, which most of the bloggers found it luring. However, the services provided by the store were somewhat disappointing. I hope the store owner is aware of this fact. Otherwise, regardless of how extensive the menu can be, customers would still be driven away as no one would like to pay for a lousy service.

Speaking of pancakes, that reminds me of a breakfast restaurant known as Cora's in East Canada. This restaurant is phenomenal among the locals. I said East Canada because you can only find this restaurant in the Maritime region and Quebec. Well, you can actually have your breakfast, brunch, or even lunch in Cora's because the opening hours are usually from 6am-3pm, but it is categorized as a breakfast restaurant due to the food selection. What's on the menu? Like bagels, French toasts, smoothies, crêpes, fruits, different types of egg dishes, from sunny-side up to omelette, from egg benedict to quiche, or bacon and sausages, etc. Okay, you might start to wonder, what's so great about this restaurant. Cora's is famous for the ample servings of fresh fruits along with your main dish. As well, your meal in Cora's is complemented by colourful, cute, child-like self-drawn illustrations on the wall, on the menu, and even the place mat. You'll get what I mean in a sec.

The inner decor of the restaurants:

If you pay close attention, you'll see drawings like these throughout the restaurant.

The open-styled kitchen. See the fruits?

A view from another corner of the restaurant.

There's even a rooster (okay, a fake one) above the counter. Another hen on another side of the wall, hatching eggs. Heh. That does sound very 'breakfast' to me, no? Ha.

The menu:

The cover of the menu. The drawings is really cute, isn't it?

Fresh fruits, yogurt, oatmeal, waffles, delicious French toast ...

A variety of crêpes. (crêpes=A very thin small pancake, Taiwanese call it 可丽饼).

You may have open-faced style crêpes, or rolled crêpes.

You can opt for lunch menu too if you're not in the mood for breakfast.

The menu is unique, eh?

Even the place mat is cute.

Okay, the food. (Drums rolling...)

Mix-berries smoothies. Yummy and nutritious.

One of the friend who were dining with us could not take bacon/sausage because he is a Muslim. So, he ordered this. Double sunny-side up eggs on top of two crêpes and grilled-potato. Okay, not very colourful. The better one are coming, I promise.

Rolled crêpomelette (combination of crêpe and omelette) au gratin. (au gratin = with grated cheese). Anything with cheese is surely something to die for ...
Not enough of colours, still. More to come.

Crêpe with bacons and a sea of exotic fruits.
Looks good?

Finally, I give you, the ultimate: the Eggs Benedicts.
James from loopymeals blogged about this dish before. He mentioned about how tough would it be to prepare this dish. Haha, if you're dying for one, you can always get them from Cora's. You see the pouching eggs on top of the English muffin? Aside from that, the fruits, potatoes, and asparagus are nicely laid out. Isn't it artistic the way they sliced the apples? Who isn't tempted to have one?

Oh man, I miss Cora's so much. Always delicious. Always plentiful.


Anonymous Maria said...


3:28 AM

Anonymous Big BoK said...

I love Cora's too..!! It's amazing.. that you were in Halifax..! Any great chinese restaurant you recommend.. or grocery stores..besides Tian Phat and Ca Hoa..??

5:18 AM

Blogger Greenapple said...


Hi big bok, I wish I got to know about your blog when I was still in Halifax, that way we can visit each other, eh? I left Halifax this January. As for Cora's, who doesn't love this lovely restaurant? I really miss Cora's. As for great chinese restaurant in Halifax you asked? The truth is, I barely dine out when I was there in Halifax as you know, I was still a poor student. Pizza was the only food that I would ordered out if I weren't cooking. But everyone does say Greatwall is good, for both the chinese cuisine and dimsum. Speaking of dimsum, me and a bunch of friends preferred a restaurant called Zen Chinese Restaurant, located on Lacewood Drive. They made awesome fried custard bao. Locals always love to go to Dragon Buffet King (on Chain Lake Drive) because it's cheap, and all you can eat. The variety of food was great, but most of us who tried this restaurant often got sore-throat later on because there offer too many fried food. One last thing I'll like to say about Halifax chinese restaurant is that, whichever you go, just remember don't go to Mr.Chang's Chinese Food Emporium.

1:18 PM

Anonymous Big BoK said...

Cool..!! thanks for all the info..! and yes. too bad.. we didn't get to meet up.. what a bummer..!! so near yet so far..!

8:33 PM

Anonymous Jordan said...

Hey, I ate at Cora's last time I was back in Halifax. Quite delicious, if I remember correctly! :)

11:00 AM

Blogger Greenapple said...

haih big bok, perhaps i'll migrate back to halifax in the future ... so we'll have a chance to meet up eventually? haha. don't worry. there is still a chance ...

hey Jordan, so glad to see you here. Thanks for stopping by. To me, Cora's food taste good. And with all the artistic food decoration on each plate, their food taste even better! What an 'uplifting' experience!

8:11 AM


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