Life is a jigsaw puzzle. Every segment of the puzzle is formed by different elements of life. I cherish all my felicity elements, what about you?

Monday, December 18, 2006


The time has come and I finally have to bid farewell to this corner. This corner has served me well during the past year, yet my demands have outgrown the features that blogspot could provide. Consequently a move is necessary.

As I settle on my new nest on, I will not forget this old nest. All the posts made here will remain as I will be here often to use these posts as references.

I thank you for visiting my felicity corner. See you around in my new nest!

Sunday, December 17, 2006

Moving in progress.

I am in the process of abandoning this old nest. Will appreciate if you can drop me a short e-mail so that I can give you my new nest's URL. Click on 'Write to me!' Banner on your right hand column to find out the way to contact me. I should have done this a while ago.

Thanks, ppl. See ya in my new nest.

Saturday, December 16, 2006


I am into a lil' bit of a dilemma. I have tried as long as I could on not giving this idea a shot at all, but I realized if I don't do that I am bound by very limited extent. Well, it's about this blog, actually. I think blogspot is fine. It's good actually. It has served me well during the past months. However I have always wanted to jot down more of my personal life, yet this idea is sort of forbidden by Tomato because he doesn't feel secure at all at the idea of disclosing our personal lives in this cyberspace. Consequently I need a blog that has password protected features so that I could still jot down what I want, yet I have a full control about my target audience.

So, I believe I would abandon this ship soon, however I don't have time to explore other possibilities due to hectic schedule. Aigh ... what shall I do? Any suggestions?


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