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Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Just when you think Winter is over ...

I give you these ....

No complaint, though, as that was only the 3rd snowing event in Richmond. The snow would melt almost right away when the sun rises.

You wouldn't believe this if I tell you 2 weeks ago the temperature shoot up to 33 degree Celcius for like 3 days, and I thought, man, summer is here already? Luckily, that was just a preview.

I conjecture that this would be the last snow of the season in this city.

Will miss snow. Will really do.

Monday, March 20, 2006

More flowers, at Maymont Park - II.

More flowers picture from the same park. I'll let the flowers do the talking.

If you look around carefully, many trees are still leafless. It is no wonder why the trees with flowers become the centre of attention easily.

As I strolled in the park, another tree with flowers came into our eyesight. Needless to say, a walk towards the tree was a must.

Nice tree, isn't it?

Flowers ... flowers ... only flowers!

I really like the soft pink colour. What about you?

Beautiful flowers, dedicated to all of you ...

Alright, this time we don't have to guess the name of this flower, as it is clearly indicated on the tree that it is known as Star Magnolia, or Magnolia stellata in terms of binomial nomenclature.

Not very far from Star Magnolia, I saw another conspicuous tree.

It is rather uniquely different.

Another eye-pleaser.

Wild flowers.

Aren't they special gift from mother nature?

Some teenagers having fun with photography in the park.

Look at those white wild flowers ... don't they look awesome?

The gardeners are working on this piece of land. Will come back soon to check out the tulips and daffodils. Am looking forward to our next visit to this park already.

Spring, I am waiting for ya!

Thursday, March 16, 2006

Flowers - take two. (at Maymont Park)

Analogous to Central Park for NYC, Maymont Park is a nice park for residents in Richmond. Pictures taken a couple of days ago. It was a windy day. The flowers were swaying gracefully as greeted by the zephyr. I found a moment of tranquility amidst all the hustle and bustle.

I took a couple of shots and used the photoshop to make it into a panoramic view. Just wanna give you an idea about the view of this lake. Imagine the lake is surrounded by many white-flower-trees. Beautiful isn't it?

The lake is fully embraced by these trees. I call it romantic. Ha!

Left or right, doesn't really matter.
As your eyesight is pampered by the white flowers.

I really love this shot. The pavement, the pigeons, the bench, the lamp-post ... everything existed in a harmony manner.

The identity of this flower remains anonymous.

Let's see who can help me to have it revealed. Till then, let's get showered by the white-flower joy. ^_^

Wednesday, March 15, 2006

More Unknown Flowers I.

I've asked around. Apparently the flowers I posted in my previous post wasn't Sakura, but no one could tell me the name of the flowers. I am sure some of you have seen pictures of the Cherry Blossom in Washington D. C. as shown in some of the local newspapers in M'sia (my mum told me about it). Due to the fact that Washington D. C. is 1.5-2 hours drive away from Richmond, I would think that Cherry Blossom would grow in Richmond too, evidently that rational isn't true. According to my source, those Cherry Blossom as planted in D. C. are actually gifts from Japan as a token of appreciation of something. So it seems like I must make a trip to D. C. sometimes soon in order to enjoy my very first Sakura experience. In the meantime, I feel contented with the white flowers I get to have in Richmond ...

Slight Europa feel ...

I really like the tree.

So serene.

Hush, amidst the hustle...

I can keep my head elevated for long hours, just to gaze at these flowers ...

What a blessed encounter in this city.

Thursday, March 09, 2006

Sakura, or not?

Alright, I am not entirely sure about these flowers, but I am guessing that they indeed are Sakura, or Cherry Blossom! When I saw it, I couldn't believe it myself! I was literally speechless. Luckily I had my camera with me and I could snap a few shots to share with you all. That really was a joy!

For days I have been wondering what trees are these ...

So I made an effort to walk towards the trees.

They look so beautiful from a distance, aren't they?

Standing underneath the tree ... wow ...

See the flowers? A tree full with flowers, entire tree!

There, the flowers. Very pretty, right?

Another closer shot of the flowers.

On another end of the same street, I saw another types of flowers ... so out of curiosity I walked over to have a closer look.

From a distance, I thought these are may-flowers (梅花), those flowers fellow Malaysians could get in Petaling Street during Chinese New Year.

As I walked closer to the plant, I couldn't help but to wonder, are these for real? or are these fake flowers?

But as I looked around, these flowers couldn't be fake, as there are so many more plants around! It would be rather impossible to put up so many fake flowers, I reasoned.

They are so pretty ...

So regret I didn't pluck any back with me, haha ...

Really look like those we can get from Petaling Street, no?

The soft pink colour is so attractive.

This, would be the best shot of all.

I am really excited.
You like it? =)


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