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Tuesday, October 31, 2006

my lil' brother has dengue fever ...

My lil' brother (20 yo) is diagnosed with dengue fever, and is currently hospitalized... There is no where else I'll wanna be at more than home, now ... Persistent fever for 4-5 days, with rashes, myalgias, significantly low platelet count, and highly nauseous.

What's worse, Oct 31 is his birthday. What the ...

Incidentally, Ashley's mum just recovered from dengue fever ...

Beware of mosquitoes, everyone ...

Saturday, October 21, 2006

Photos: The White House.

When: Last weekend.

Where: The White House, Washington D. C.

Purpose: Leisure trip.

Yes, this is where the President of the United States resides. This is the front part (or the back? can't tell) of the house.

This picture was taken last year, during our previous trip to DC. This is another part of the house. I can't differentiate the front and the back of the White House.

Tourists trying to capture some photos of the White House.

Uncountable tourists trying to grab a look on the famous White House.

A police officer standing across the street ... see the monument as the background in this picture?

More Washington Monument photos coming up ...

Friday, October 20, 2006


Recently one of the co-worker of mine sent another co-worker to me just to find out whether do I have a bf because he'll like to ask me out. My way of answering this question?

'I don't have a bf, but ... I have a fiancé. '

It is a culture here to wear the engagement ring on the ring finger after a female is engaged. Well, I don't because I have to wear gloves all the times during work.

Anyhow, am flattered. This hasn't happened in years after the world knows about Tomato.

I hate to admit this, but hey, it was shiok!

*shiok is a slang commonly used in Malaysia and Singapore. It is an expression to convey a feeling of sheer happiness and contentment.

A baby story.

Due to our erratic work hours we don't really have a social life in Richmond, VA. True we have friends, but most of the 'friendships' are built on the workfellow basis. It certainly is challenging to go beyond this level.

Anyhow, there is a Malaysian Chinese couple to whom we'll occasionnally hang out with. A few months ago, E (the wife), got pregnant. On early September a baby shower was thrown for the mum, and a few weeks later, a cute baby born was born.

To me, E is a lucky lady because she had one of a kind delivery experience. She started having some contraction at the midnight, so they admitted her to the hospital. Contraction happened even before the water was broken. When the water broke she was already 8cm dilated. Within an hour later healthy baby boy C arrived to this wonderful world.

Isn't that an ideal? I have heard so many horrible experience about long hours of contractions, and E did everything in lesser than 2 hours. When asked about the smooth delivery, E mentioned the importance of doing exercises during the pregnancy. She was a regular to the swimming pool, and maternity yoga sessions. It was actually a legacy she inherited from her mum too because her mum had both her deliveries in a rather easy level.

A baby story, just to share.

Sunday, October 01, 2006






现在,我也找到让我依偎一辈子的男人。在我们俩的小圈子里,两人背负不一样的生活小职责。厨房,是我的地头。自2002年离家以后,他的胃,一直就在我的care list当中。我很幸运他一点也不挑食。除了苦瓜是他很不想碰的食物,我煮什么,他总没有怨言(当然,我的厨艺还算可以啦)。这样的景象,在我家,还不一定,因为我的两个弟弟都有点挑,有时还挑得让人生气。所以,我感恩。有时我昂首问他,有些什么他妈妈的拿手菜是他想念的?他总说,离家太久,已经忘了家里饭菜的味道了。我难掩心底的喜悦,却也对他妈妈不好意思。我可以想像,如果有一天我儿子有这样的情节,我,恐怕也会有点小难过吧。



Happy Bulan Ramadhan.

How time flies. It's that time of the year again. Soon it will be Hari Raya ... Haven't been home for years to celebrate this festive season. I miss those Raya concoctions, the kuih-muih, the curries, etc ... Oh well.

Boo_licious is a very detailed food blogger who would hop from one Ramadan Bazaar to another. I have a love and hate relationship with her blog. I love what she shares, yet again, I hate the fact that I can't be in Malaysia now just to enjoy those delicacies ... To me, Malaysia truly is a food heaven, for the varieties given.

Do hop to her blog and show some support. If you're looking for tips to Ramadan Bazaars Boo's blog will serve as a good source. Please, enjoy the feast, on my behalf!


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